Was Fresh Fields filmed in France?

Was Fresh Fields filmed in France?

Fresh Fields, which attracted a loyal audience between 1984 and 1986 when it aired on ITV1, featured McKenzie and Rodgers as devoted middle-class couple Hester and William Fields. The show moved to a French setting in 1989 when the family relocated to Calais after William accepted a new job across the Channel.

Who played Emma in French fields?

Sally Baxter
After being nothing more than a voice on the phone (played by Debby Cumming) in 4 series of Fresh Fields, the Fields’ daughter Emma finally appears in person. Emma is played by Sally Baxter in this first series of French Fields.

Where was Fresh Fields filmed?

The show’s main filming location was the Fields’s salubrious Victorian detached home, which is actually situated in Teddington on the A313, Hampton Road, a short drive from what was Thames TV’s main studio complex, where the indoor scenes were shot.

When was French field created?

September 5, 1989French Fields / Premiere date

Did Whole Foods used to be Fresh Fields?

At the time of the merger with Whole Foods Market in 1996, Fresh Fields had 22 stores open in four different market areas: Washington/ Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York/New Jersey/Connecticut and Chicago.

Who was Anton Rodgers first wife?

Morna Watson
Personal life. Rodgers first married Morna Watson, a ballet dancer, in Kensington in 1959, and they had a son and a daughter.

How many series of French fields are there?


French Fields
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 19 (list of episodes)
Running time 30 minutes (including commercials)

What was the last episode of Fresh Fields?

Happy ReturnsFresh Fields / Latest episode

How did French Fields End?

Ann Beach, Sonia in Fresh Fields, makes a guest appearance in the final episode, in which Hester and William decide to return to their former UK home.

What was the last episode of French fields?

Hail and FarewellFrench Fields / Latest episode

What was Whole Foods called before?

Wild OatsĀ© Markets In 1991, Wild Oats opened their first supermarket-sized store in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1992, Crystal Market was re-named Wild Oats Vegetarian Market, and in the ensuing years the company began opening and acquiring other, small natural foods stores.