Were is Evi Edna from?

Were is Evi Edna from?

Evi Edna Ogholi was born in Isoko, Delta State “Midwest Region” on 6th of July 1965. She is a Nigerian female reggae musician. Ogholi was born to the household of Reverend R. O. Ogholirly. After Evi Edna Ogholi secondary school education, she migrated to Lagos Nigeria.

How old is Evi Edna?

55 years (July 6, 1966)Evi Edna Ogholi / Age

Where is Evi Edna now?

Evi Edna Ogholi now lives in France. In March 2017 she released an album titled ‘Peace and Love’. The follow up ‘Peace in the World’ was released in 2018.

Who is the queen of reggae in Africa?

Rita Marley, widow of the reggae prophet Bob, will receive the Living Legends and African Women of Excellence Awards, for her social and political commitment in Africa.

Who was Evi Edna husband?

manager Emma Ogosi
She married her producer and manager Emma Ogosi, and they had two children. The couple later separated and Ogholi is living in Paris.

Who is Queen Africa father?

Derrick MorganQueen Ifrica / Father

Who is Davianah father?

dad Tony Rebel
Tony Rebel’s daughter Davianah has accused him of a string of ills including an alleged physical abuse. In a lengthy Instagram post, Davianah wrote what she says is her truth.

What is Queen Ifrica real name?

Ventrice MorganQueen Ifrica / Full name
Artist Biography Jamaica’s Ventrice Morgan, aka Queen Ifrica, is a popular singer/toaster known for her dancehall-influenced style.

Who is Tony Rebel Daughter?

Reggae Icon Tony Rebel’s Daughter Davianah Shut Down Suicide After Concerning IG Post. Davianah, daughter of reggae icon Tony Rebel, clears the air on a video she shared on Instagram over the weekend. Despite the distressing post made by Davianah yesterday, October 10, the young singer is doing fine.

Who is Queen Ifrica father?

Who is Queen Ifrica dad?

Who is Queen Ifrica husband?

Tony RebelQueen Ifrica / Husband

Who is Edna Ogholi?

Evi Edna Ogholi (born 6 July 1965) is a Nigerian female reggae musician popular for her song “Happy Birthday”.

Who is Evi Ogholi married to?

Evi was born on 6 July 1965 in Isoko, Delta State (then Bendel State) to the household of Reverend R. O. Ogholirly. She got married to her producer and manager Emma Ogosi, the marriage was blessed with two children. The couple later separated and Ogholi is living in Paris.

How old was Yvonne Ogholi when she started her career?

Born in Isoko, a region in the Delta State of Nigeria, in 1965, Ogholi began her music career at just 22 years old. She moved to Lagos with a demo tape in 1987, and that same year she released her debut album, My Kind of Music, on Polygram (now known as Premier).

Where is Yolanda Ogholi now?

Today, Ogholi still lives in Paris, and has recently started performing and writing again. In 2018, she released the album Peace in the World, which incorporates jazz into her original reggae compositions.