What aircraft is a E550?

What aircraft is a E550?

Embraer Legacy 550
Embraer Legacy 550 (twin-jet) (E550) ✈ Aircraft Type – FlightAware.

How much is a Praetor 500?

The aircraft are based on Embraer’s Legacy 450 midsize and Legacy 500 super midsize jets. The base price for the Embraer Praetor 500 is $16,995,000, while the Praetor 600 starts at $20,995,000. The Bossa Nova interior is a $750,000 option.

How much is a Legacy 500?

$19 million to $21 million
Acquisition cost for the Legacy 500 typically ranges from $19 million to $21 million, coming in higher than competitors such as the Hawker 900XP (roughly $16-$17 million) and the Challenger 300 (around $13.1-$13.3 million).

Where is Praetor 600 built?

Embraer has delivered the first of its new Praetor 600 super-midsize twinjets in a ceremony at its São José dos Campos facility in Brazil. The aircraft, handed over to an undisclosed European customer, rolled off the hybrid assembly line that also produces the Legacy 450 and Legacy 500.

What is an Embraer 550?

The EMB-550 Legacy 500 is known as Embraer IU-50 in the Brazilian Air Force, and used as radar calibration aircraft.

Who makes the Legacy aircraft?

Embraer Legacy 600

Legacy 600
Role Business jet
National origin Brazil
Manufacturer Embraer
First flight March 31, 2001

How much is a Gulfstream g550?

The list price of a new G550 is currently about $61.5m depending on the configuration, and it’s worth negotiating for discounts from this list pricing. Average asking prices for one built in 2005-2006, is in the range $18m to $21m….The Costs To Own And Operate A Gulfstream G550.

Item Cost
Owner Cost per Flight Hour $7,135

How much is the Gulfstream G700?

$75 million
Gulfstream Aerospace President Mark Burns said the flagship G700, priced at $75 million, would be the “tallest, widest cabin in our industry.”

How much is a Gulfstream G280?

$25 million
There are currently no national fractional share programs offering the G280, although there are specific jet cards featuring this super-midsize jet. The price for a new G280 is $25 million with used G280s priced at around $12 million.

Does a Praetor 600 have an APU?

Operators can fly confidently in their Praetor 600 with an APU that is designed to add value and safety with a variety of small and medium range business jets all around the world flying with it today.

What is a legacy 5000?

The Global 5000 is a slightly smaller version of the Global Express. It has a range of 5,200 NM. Although the fuselage is five feet shorter than the Global Express, its available passenger seating area (separate from the galley and lavatory) will be about the same.