What are all the costumes in Costume Quest 2?

What are all the costumes in Costume Quest 2?

So, here’s how to get all the costumes in Costume Quest 2.

  • Costume 1: Candy Corn.
  • Costume 2: Superhero.
  • Costume 3: Clown.
  • Costume 4: Pterodactyl.
  • Costume 5: Jefferson.
  • Costume 6: Wizard.
  • Costume 7: Wolfman.
  • Costume 8: Pharaoh.

How do you get the unicorn costume in Costume Quest 2?

For players that pre-ordered Costume Quest 2, the Unicorn could be obtained again by purchasing it from Shady for five pieces of candy.

Where is the pie ingredient in Costume Quest?

The Pie for the Putterpam quest is acquired by speaking to Mrs. Putterpam, who is standing between bake sale tables, and blocking the passage into the area behind her.

Where is Orel in Costume Quest 2?

Auburn Pines
Orel White, DDS is the main antagonist of the game Costume Quest 2. He is a demented dentist seeking for Halloween to be canceled with the assistance of Kronoculus and the brainwashed Repugians. He is located in Auburn Pines in both timelines.

How do you get the last costume in Costume Quest 2?

The Solar System is a costume in Costume Quest 2. It is the final costume that can be obtained, though it is not required to complete the story. When upgraded, it is referred to as the Black Hole. Obtaining the Solar System costume will give the player the Cosmonaut achievement.

How do you get the ghost costume in Costume Quest 2?

Escape is easy enough: don your Pterodactyl costume, blow away the debris against the wall, and smack the wall to find a hole. – Put on your Wizard outfit and wander through the darkness with a lit Glowstick. Eventually you’ll find a ladder with a note from Corvus, and receive the Ghost costume pattern.

How do you get the Statue of Liberty in Costume Quest?

Obtaining. The Statue of Liberty is received as part of the quest The Patriotic Party. The player must speak with Ryan, a boy blocking the way to the yard of a patriotically-decorated house.