What are Masky and hoodie real names?

What are Masky and hoodie real names?

Additionally, Hoodie and Masky are the alternate personas of Brian Thomas and Tim Wright. By the end of Marble Hornets, Brian is dead, and Tim has cast off his personality shifts.

Who is hoodie from Creepypasta?

Brian Thomas
Hoody is the secondary anti-heroic antagonist in the horror webseries Marble Hornets. He is the alter-ego of Brian Thomas, the former partner of Masky and quite possibly the YouTube user totheark.

Who is Masky from Creepypasta?

Timothy Wright
Timothy “Tim” Wright (also known as the Masked Man or Masky) is an anti-hero and originally a supporting antagonist in the series Marble Hornets. He is also the second personality of Timothy Wright and former partner of Hoody.

How old is Hoodie the Creepypasta?

Hoodie is the fan-given nickname of a hooded character in MarbleHornets, first appearing in Entry #41….About.

Full Name: Brian Thomas
Alias: Hoodie, Hooded Figure, The Figure, Hoody, ToTheArk, Blasky, The Hooded Man
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human

What is Masky’s age?

Clockwork – “22.” Masky – “26.”

What is Masky’s favorite color?

Masky – “Orange.”

How old is marble Hornet Masky?


Full Name: Timothy Wright
Alias: Tim Wright, The Masked Man, Masky
Age: 21| (due to several memory loss, his birth date is not known)
Gender: Male
Race: Human

How do you summon Masky?

– How to summon masky in your bedroom? step 1- Draw with red chalk 8 observer symbols disturbated throughout your bedroom. all the times. step 3- Leave the red candle and make sure to ligh up using the lighter.

When was Masky born?

History. Timothy Wright was born on December 20th, 1995. He was presumably diagnosed with schizophrenia. At an unknown point in time during 2012, he had an encounter with the evil entity known as Slender Man.

Who is the youngest Creepypasta?

Sally is one of the only few youngest and famous Creepypasta characters. Sally’s birthday is April 5th, 1958 and she died on the same day in 1970. She measures in at 4’8″ when 12 and 4’0″ when 8.

What jacket does Masky wear?

Appearance. Masky’s outfit consists of a Carhartt jacket with a black collar & a white mask with some designs drawn on it.

What is Masky’s catchphrase?

Can you name the Creepypasta Catchphrases? Quiz Stats

Hint Answer % Correct
Masky He’s a liar 26.6%
BRVR Brvr wants to know if you still love him 21.2%
Lost Silver I’m dead 20.6%
Clockwork You’re time is up 19.1%