What are recombinant factor products?

What are recombinant factor products?

Recombinant factor products are made in a laboratory using recombinant technology. These products are not made from human blood. Recombinant products offer a safer option than plasma-derived products because they avoid potential blood-borne transmission of infectious diseases.

What is factor VIIa?

Factor VIIa is a man-made protein produced to replicate the naturally occurring activated factor VII (factor VIIa) in the body. It is used to stop bleeding of injuries for patients with hemophilia by helping the blood to clot. Factor VIIa is to be given only by or under the direct supervision of your doctor.

How is recombinant factor VIII made?

Until 1992, all factor replacement products were made from human plasma. In 1992, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved recombinant factor VIII (8) concentrate, which does not come from human plasma. This concentrate is genetically engineered using DNA technology.

Does factor VIIa activate factor IX?

The coagulation protease factor IX is activated during hemostasis by the factor VIIa/tissue factor complex and by factor XIa.

What are factor products?

Factor VIII Coagulation Products Factor VIII products are used to manage acute bleeding or to prevent excessive bleeding as a treatment for patients with hemophilia A and/or von Willebrand disease.

What are factor 8 products?

Recombinant Factor VIII Products

  • Advate.
  • Adynovate.
  • Afstyla.
  • Eloctate.
  • Esperoct.
  • Jivi.
  • Kogenate FS.
  • Kovaltry.

How much does factor 7 cost?

This is a costly medication (retail price is approximately $2000) that is currently only given to a minority of patients [1,2].

How is factor VII deficiency treated?

The main treatment for FVII deficiency is recombinant factor VIIa (rFVIIa). Prothrombin complex concentrates (PCCs) can also be used, but the amount of factor VII they contain can vary considerably. Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) is another option. In some patients, the use of FFP has led to blood clots.

Can hemophilia be cured with gene therapy?

Abstract. Gene therapy offers the potential for a cure for patients with hemophilia by establishing continuous endogenous expression of factor VIII or factor IX (FIX) following transfer of a functional gene to replace the hemophilic patient’s own defective gene.

How do you treat Factor XI deficiency?

Individuals with factor XI deficiency may need specific therapy for surgery, accidents, and dental extractions. Several therapies are available which include fresh frozen plasma, factor XI concentrates, fibrin glue, antifibrinolytic drugs, and desmopressin. Each has advantages and risks to be considered.

How is factor IX deficiency treated?

Standard treatment is infusion of factor IX concentrates to replace the defective clotting factor. The amount infused depends upon the severity of bleeding, the site of the bleeding, and the size of the patient.

What are Factor 8 products?