What are some synonyms for intuition?

What are some synonyms for intuition?

synonyms for intuition

  • hunch.
  • instinct.
  • ESP.
  • clairvoyance.
  • discernment.
  • divination.
  • feeling.
  • foreknowledge.

What is another word for gut feeling?

What is another word for gut feeling?

hunch intuition
instinct gut reaction
feeling suspicion
inkling idea
funny feeling premonition

What is related to intuition?

Here are some words that are associated with intuition: instinct, belief, rationality, hunch, sense, mind, feeling, intuitive, empiricism, suspicion, humility, reason, instincts, subconscious, religion, fearlessness, sentience, consciousness, intellect, telepathy, empathy, subjective, imagination, spirituality.

What is a synonym of intuitively?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for intuitive. instinctive, instinctual, intuitional.

What is an example of intuition?

The definition of intuition is an immediate understanding or knowing something without reasoning. An example of intuition is love at first sight. The ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning.

How do you use intuition in a sentence?

Examples of intuition in a Sentence Intuition was telling her that something was very wrong. “How did you know I would drop by?” “Oh, I don’t know. It must have been intuition.”

What are some examples of intuition?

For example, when we walk into a coffee shop, we recognize a cup as something we have seen many times before. We also understand, intuitively, that it is likely to be hot and easily spilled on an uneven surface.

Is gut feeling the same as intuition?

Gut feeling is about survival – doing whatever is necessary to keep us safe and alive. It’s very connected with fearful and reactive behaviour. Intuition is a higher level of consciousness – a capacity to sense energies and to create a ripple effect of wise choices for healthy, sustainable change.

What is intuition with example?

The definition of intuition is an immediate understanding or knowing something without reasoning. An example of intuition is love at first sight. noun.

What part of speech is intuitive?

INTUITIVE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is an example of intuition in real life?

What does intuition feel like?

Intuition is that sense of knowing what the right answer or decision is before you make it. It’s a deep, internal, visceral feeling. You know your intuition is around when you say things like, “I can’t really explain it, but…” or “It just felt right” or, more likely, “It just felt wrong.”

What is the purpose of a simile?

The purpose of a simile is to spark an interesting connection in a reader’s or listener’s mind. A simile is one of the most common forms of figurative language. Simile examples can be found just about anywhere, from poems to song lyrics and even in everyday conversations. Similes are used in literature to make writing more vivid and powerful.

What is an example of a simile for busy?

For example, when someone says “He is as busy as a bee ,” it means he is working hard, as bees are known to be extremely busy. If someone says “I am as snug as a bug in a rug ,” they mean that they feel very comfortable and cozy or are tucked up tight in bed. Explore some phrases that represent examples of similes.

What is an intuition example?

This intuition example is one that can be very uncomfortable and difficult to ignore. It can wash over you lie a tidal wave of sick or overwhelming ill-feeling.

What is a good simile for Grandpa lounging?

Here is the list of fifty easy similes: “Food?” Chris inquired, popping out of his seat like a toaster strudel. Grandpa lounged on the raft in the middle of the pool like an old battleship. If seen from above the factory, the workers would have looked like clock parts.