What are the different types of bone contusions?

What are the different types of bone contusions?

A bone bruise is characterised by three different kinds of bone injuries including: sub-periosteal hematoma, inter-osseous bruising and a sub-chondral lesion, or a combination of these. A bone bruise is differentiated from the alternative fracture types in that only some of the trabeculae are broken.

What is bone contusion?

Our bones can bruise, just like our skin, and a bone bruise is similar to the skin bruise you might see following some kind of trauma. A bone bruise, also called a bone contusion, leaves you sore and may be painful, although it is less serious than a bone fracture.

What is Microtrabecular injury?

In Figure 1a, such injuries are represented as a leftward shift along the X-axis. Microtrabecular fractures. Normal trabecular bone maintains structural homeostasis: microtrabecular fractures occur naturally and injured bone is removed and replaced to maintain the health and strength of the bone.

What is contusion and examples?

The medical term for a bruise is a contusion. Injuries to bones, muscles, and the tissue just under the skin can cause bruises. The eyes and mouth, as well as internal organs such as the lungs, can also bruise. Bruises are a type of bleeding under the skin.

What causes a bone contusion?

Injury of any kind can cause a bone bruise. Sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, or falls from a height can cause them. Twisting injuries—such as those that cause joint sprains—can also cause a bone bruise. Medical conditions such as arthritis may also lead to a bone bruise.

What is a subchondral bone bruise?

An injury might cause blood to build up in the area beneath the periosteum. This causes a subperiosteal hematoma, a type of bone bruise. An injury might also cause bleeding and swelling in the area between your cartilage and the bone beneath it. This causes a subchondral bone bruise.

What is marrow contusion?

Bone marrow contusions are frequently identified at magnetic resonance imaging after an injury to the musculoskeletal system. These osseous injuries may result from a direct blow to the bone, from compressive forces of adjacent bones impacting one another, or from traction forces that occur during an avulsion injury.

What is trabecular bone injury?

Bone bruises (also known as bone contusion, trabecular microfracture) are an osseous injury that results from compression of bone structures.

What is another name for a contusion?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for contusion, like: bruise, wound, injury, bump, knock, mouse, laceration, haematoma, ecchymosis, oedema and hemorrhage.

What is multiple contusions?

Numerous small contusions from broken capillaries that occur in grey matter under the cortex are called multiple petechial hemorrhages or multifocal hemorrhagic contusion.

How do you treat a contusion?

How are contusions treated?

  1. Rest. Rest the area whenever possible.
  2. Ice. Apply a cold compress to the area to reduce swelling.
  3. Compress. Compress the bruised area with a wrap or bandage to reduce swelling.
  4. Elevate. If possible, raise the affected area above your heart.

What is bone marrow contusion?

A bone contusion (bone bruise) is a relatively common injury to a bone that is less severe than a bone fracture, resulting in injury to the bone on a microscopic level, without a discreet or visible fracture line on xray or advanced imaging such as MRI or CT scan.