What are the dimensions of a 21 inch monitor?

What are the dimensions of a 21 inch monitor?


Specification Description
Viewable image area (diagonal) 54.61 cm (21.5 in) widescreen
Panel active area (W x H) 47.60 x 26.70 cm (18.74 x 10.51 in)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz note: The video card of the connected PC must be capable of supporting 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz.
Aspect ratio 16:9

Which 21 inch monitor is best?

Best 21-inch monitors in India

  • HP M22f. The HP M22f monitor features a 21.5-inch Full HD display with a 75Hz refresh rate.
  • Acer Nitro QG221Q. This is a 21.5-inch gaming monitor from Acer.
  • LG 22MK600M.
  • Acer HA220Q.
  • Lenovo L22i-30.
  • Lenovo D22-20.

What is the resolution of 21 inch monitor?

Product Specification

Brand Dell
Screen Size 21 inch
Resolution 1920X1080 Max
Display Area 476.64X268.11 mm
Brightness 250 cd/m Typical

What size is a 21.5 inch monitor?

21.5 inch 16×9 display vs 21.5 inch 16×10 display

StatsUse cm 21.5 inch 16×9 21.5 inch 16×10
Width 18.74 inches 18.23 inches
Height 10.54 inches 11.39 inches
Area 197.52 inchesĀ² 207.75 inchesĀ²
As a 4:3 Display 17.57 inches 18.99 inches

Which monitor is best in India?

Top 10 Monitors

Samsung LU28E590DS/XL 71.12 cm (28 inch) UHD LED Monitor Rs.25,699
Acer Aopen 22CH1Q 21.5-inch LED Monitor – 200nits Brightness -HDMI and VGA Port Rs.5,850
Accu-Chek Active 50 Test Strips Expiry JUNE 2019 Rs.759
LG 20MK400A 50.8cm (20 Inch) HD LED Monitor (Matt Black) Rs.5,099

Does Dell p2219h have speakers?

A: No, this model does not have built-in speakers. A: Yes, this monitor has a VESA compatible 100 mm mounting holes for flexible mounting solutions.

Is 22 inch monitor too small for gaming?

Yes, I think 22 is pretty small. I’ve had monitors at 16:9 as large as 32″ which IMO, depending on how far away you sit, just a little too big. I’ve had a 22, a 24 and a 27 and right now I use an ultra-wide 34″. Anything smaller is just too small and anything bigger makes you move your head around to see.

Can you use a TV as a computer monitor?

The short answer: Yes. You may need a special cable, depending on your PC’s outputs and your HDTV’s inputs, and you’ll need to check a couple of settings, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble hooking most modern PCs up to most modern HDTVs. Modern HDTVs have HDMI outputs.

Is a 21.5 inch monitor good?

A 21.5 inch monitor is an excellent choice for any space-limited work environment. Regarding that, the IPS panels offer the best image quality, while TN screens are fine if your job doesn’t require crystal clear images or video editing skills.

What is the design of the 21 inch monitor?

The design of this 21 inches monitor is built with a frameless design with the use of ultra slim bezels. Resolution: It is a full HD resolution monitor ( 1920*1080p) with a contrast of 3000:1. It means it is 3X times higher than the standard panels and gives more resolution to much darker images.

How many frames per second can a 21 inch monitor handle?

The monitor may not be in the front-line surveillance category; however, it has enough power to support games of 70 to 80 frames per second. This monitor features a 21-inch Full HD display with a fast response time of 1m (GTG), which eliminates ghosting and graphics, among others.

Which 21-inch 4K monitor should you buy?

This 21.5 inches monitor is recommended if you do not need a high-quality image and is happy with the other features only. You can prefer buying it because of the adjustments levels too. 4. HP Pavilion 22cwa IPS 21-inch 4K Monitor

What are the pros and cons of 21-inch monitors?

The 21-inch monitors are ideally equipped with 1080 pixels density, which allows the monitor to produce more precise and more vivid images. Imagine enjoying the images while playing your favorite game! One of the most important features of buying a proper monitor is not just speed.