What are words with the letter L?

What are words with the letter L?

label (verb)

  • label (noun)
  • labor (verb)
  • labor (noun)
  • labor (noun)
  • laboratory (noun)
  • lack (verb)
  • lack (noun)
  • What words can I spell with massage?

    Unscrambled words using the letters madage

    • adage.
    • gamed.

    What are the words for V?

    V Words for Kids

    Vase Vegetable
    Violet Velvet
    Vet Vulture
    Victory Vest
    Vanilla Violin

    What word is massage?

    massage. / (ˈmæsɑːʒ, -sɑːdʒ) / noun. the act of kneading, rubbing, etc, parts of the body to promote circulation, suppleness, or relaxation. verb (tr)

    What word starts with L and has 5 letters?

    5-letter words starting with L

    laari laban
    labda label
    labia Labin
    labis labor
    labra laced

    What are 4 letter words that start with L?

    4 letter words that start with L

    • labs.
    • lace.
    • lack.
    • lacs.
    • lacy.
    • lade.
    • lads.
    • lady.

    What is a 3 letter word with V?

    Some of the 3 Letter Words Starting With V are van, veg, vip, vid, via, vet, vow, vol, var, etc.

    Are there any 3 letter words with V?

    3 letters

    • AVA.
    • VAU.
    • VOX.
    • VOW.
    • VOE.
    • VIS.
    • VIM.
    • VIG.

    Is massage a verb or noun?

    As detailed above, ‘massage’ can be a noun or a verb. Noun usage: Having a massage can have many beneficial effects.

    How do you say massage in other languages?

    In other languages massage

    • American English: massage /məˈsɑʒ/
    • Arabic: تَدْلِيكُ
    • Brazilian Portuguese: massagem.
    • Chinese: 按摩
    • Croatian: masaža.
    • Czech: masáž
    • Danish: massage.
    • Dutch: massage.

    What is a 7 letter word that starts with L?

    7-letter words starting with L

    laagers laaitie
    lactams lactary
    lactase lactate
    lacteal lactean
    lactone lactose

    What are V words in scrabble?

    4 letter words that start with V

    • vaad.
    • vaca.
    • vacs.
    • vagi.
    • vail.
    • vain.
    • vair.
    • vale.