What can I dress up as from a book?

What can I dress up as from a book?

28 Best Book Character Inspired Costumes That You Can Easily DIY

  • of 28. Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte from E.B.
  • of 28. The Cat in the Hat Inspired Costumes.
  • of 28. Cruella de Vil.
  • of 28. Amelia Bedelia.
  • of 28. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.
  • of 28. Arthur.
  • of 28. Eloise.
  • of 28. Paper Bag Princess.

What can I wear for character day at school?

Character Day Ideas Wear yellow pants and a yellow button-front shirt, a yellow patterned tie, tall brown boots and an oversized yellow hat to emulate The Man in the Yellow Hat. Wear a black onesie outfit with a white front area to start your Cat in the Hat outfit.

What are the best DIY Halloween costumes for adults?

36 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults. 1 DIY Cat Ears. Lovely Indeed. A black cat is a perennial Halloween favorite. And you can put together this easy costume very quickly with items you 2 DIY ‘Stranger Things’ Halloween Costume for Couples. 3 DIY Lisa Frank Costumes. 4 Snow White. 5 DIY Lace Bunny Ears.

How do you make a Smartie costume for Halloween?

Dip into your Halloween candy stash before the festivities really begin to DIY this punny costume. Attach a dozen Smarties candies to an old pair of jeans with glue dots or double-sided tape, and then throw on a pair of glasses to really play the part.

How to make the best DIY costumes for brunch?

Cut the front center of the brown sweatshirt vertically from the bottom to the collar. Cut furry felt in the shape of a collar and cuffs and glue to the sweatshirt. Using the tape, create a trim around the sweatshirt with the furry. Tape the bottom edge and center of the sweatshirt too. The most popular brunch item can also be the best DIY costume.

Can you make a Halloween costume out of construction paper?

This awesome DIY Halloween costume is made entirely out of construction paper — so grab some scissors and get to cutting. With you dressed as Miss Trunchbull and your daughter dressed as Matilda, and you’ll be an unstoppable literary duo this Halloween.