What cars did Plymouth make in the 50s?

What cars did Plymouth make in the 50s?

Passenger cars

Name Year Introduced Vehicle Information
Concord 1951 Full-size car, least expensive model
Cranbrook 1951 Full-size car, top-range model
Belvedere 1954 Middle range full-size car until 1965, intermediate car until 1970
Plaza 1954 Entry-level car

What kind of cars did Plymouth make?

Marketed primarily in the U.S., Plymouth was a high-volume seller for Chrysler until the late 1990s. They made their mark on the car industry in the 60s, 70s, and 80s with celebrated models such as the Valiant, the Fury, the Barracuda, the Belvedere, and the Road Runner.

How much is a Plymouth Cranbrook worth?

A: The average price of a Plymouth Cranbrook is $18,633.

Is Plymouth a make or model?

Plymouth was a brand of automobiles produced by Chrysler Corporation and its successor DaimlerChrysler. The brand was launched in 1928 to compete in what was then described as the “low-priced” market segment that was dominated by Chevrolet and Ford.

What sports car did Plymouth make?

Plymouth Sport Fury was a car produced by Chrysler Corporation.

What cars did Plymouth make in 1957?

One of the most popular models that Plymouth manufactured for 1957 was the high-performance Plymouth Fury which was introduced to the public in January of 1957. A total of 7,438 Fury models were made for the buying public. It was also the most costly Plymouth model in the Plymouth line with an asking cost of $2,925.

What is the best Plymouth?

The 10 Best Cars Plymouth Ever Made, Ranked

  1. 1 Plymouth Road Runner: Meep, Meep.
  2. 2 Plymouth Race HEMI Belvedere: Decimated Daytona.
  3. 3 Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda: With Even More Teeth.
  4. 4 Plymouth GTX: A Powerful Valiant Trim.
  5. 5 Plymouth Superbird: More Raptor Than Bird.
  6. 6 Plymouth Barracuda: Bayed For Blood.

What muscle car did Plymouth make?

Plymouth launched its encompassing Rapid Transit System muscle armada for 1970. It included the ‘Cuda, Road Runner, GTX, and the new compact Duster 340. The ’71 GTX was one of the last big-block cars of the muscle age, and while the Road Runner name fluttered on until 1978, it was performance in image only.

What is a Cranbrook car?

The Plymouth Cranbrook is an automobile which was built by Plymouth for the model years 1951 through 1953. It replaced the Special Deluxe when Plymouth changed its naming scheme and was essentially the same as the Plymouth Concord and Cambridge.

What was the last Plymouth car made?

2001 Neon LX
A Neon from the second year of the second generation was the final car made by Plymouth, says MotorTrend, which came after the model’s production ended in the United States on June 29, 2001. The last Plymouth Neon was a 2001 Neon LX that came fully loaded in a Bright Silver Metallic color option.

What is the rarest Plymouth Roadrunner?

There is, however, one extremely rare and collection worthy variant of the Road Runner series, the 1969 convertible model with the legendary 426 Hemi. Only 10 were made, making it one of the rarest American cars ever to be produced.

What year Plymouth was Christine?

1958 Plymouth Fury
1958 Plymouth Fury “Christine.” Bearing “her” famous CQB 241 license plate, Christine – featured in the 1983 film directed by John Carpenter, and the Stephen King novel that bears her name – will be up for bid at the 2020 Saratoga Motorcar Auction.

How many miles does a Chevy 1951 Plymouth have?

1951 plymouth, current milage 12,645 miles, still driven to car shows and parades. Totally original, never restored, starts and runs like a new car (it practically is new). New tires, radiator replaced, brakes replaced, no other work needed.

What kind of engine does a 1951 Plymouth Savoy have?


What kind of transmission does a 1951 Plymouth hard top coupe have?

Mostly restored 1951 Plymouth Hard Top Coupe Power-glide transmission. 229 Chevy V6, power steering, air conditioning its a project needs brakes. Totally lost interest in this vehicle, must go, Project ne…

What kind of engine does a 1951 Plymouth Belvedere have?

1951 Plymouth Belvedere 2dr ht coupe, rare body style, most all orig int, 4 newer www tires, 6 cyl, 3 speed, runs. Flat head 6 cylinder engine with “three on the tree” manual transmission.