What company owns Desert Essence?

What company owns Desert Essence?

Country Life is founded on Long Island, New York. Country Life acquires Desert Essence® and expands into new health and beauty categories with all-natural botanicals and pure ingredients from across the globe. Country Life is a leader in efforts to pass the DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act).

Is Desert Essence shampoo safe?

Do Desert Essence Shampoos Contain Sulfates? We have SCS, or sodium coco-sulfate, in some of our shampoos. However, SCS is mild and safe as it’s derived from coconut oil.

Is Desert Essence biodegradable?

All Desert Essence products have biodegradable formulas and come in recyclable packaging, so you can minimize your footprint.

Is Desert Essence chemical free?

This oil is steam distilled and no chemicals are used in the process.

What is Desert Essence floss made of?

What is Desert Essence Dental Floss & Dental Tape Made Of? Our vegetarian flosses are made from nylon. They’re coated with beeswax to help floss between your teeth and gums. To cleanse the mouth, they’re also infused with a blend of Australian tea tree oil and mint oil to help keep breath fresh and clean.

Is Avalon Organic?

Driven by a dedication to organic agriculture and formula transparency, all Avalon Organics products are certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients* or the USDA National Organic Program standard.

Is Desert Essence Natural?

NAUTRAL INGREDIENTS – Desert Essence Tea tree oil and neem toothpaste is made using natural ingredients like neem extract, sea salt, wintergreen leaf oil, and eco-harvest tea tree oil and leaf distillate.

Is Desert Essence paraben free?

Desert Essence hair care products bring you the power of nature’s ingredients to keep your hair feeling its best after every wash….

Scent Coconut, Unscented, Aloe Vera
Brand Desert Essence
Item Weight 1.12 Pounds
Material Type Free Paraben free,sulfate free,gluten free

Does Desert Essence floss have fluoride?

Of course, you can also oil pull or use a prebiotic brushing rinse before you floss to further bolster your dental care routine. Then, remember to follow up flossing with your favorite Desert Essence fluoride-free toothpaste and alcohol-free mouthwash for a sparkling smile!

Can you brush your teeth with tea tree oil?

The researchers found that a gel containing tea tree oil brushed onto the teeth twice a day reduced gingivitis, inflammation in the gums caused by not cleaning your teeth regularly. But rather than tea tree oil gel improving plaque, levels of plaque increased.

What happened Avalon Organics?

(Nasdaq: HAIN) today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Avalon Natural Products, Inc., including its Avalon Organics(R) and Alba Botanica(R) natural and organic personal care brands, from North Castle Partners, a private equity firm.

Are Avalon products safe?

pure ingredients Studies have shown that chemical absorption through the skin can occur without being noticed. Avalon Organics® brand formulators relentlessly seek out plant-based organic ingredients from only trusted sources. This process results in products that are safe to use, and safe for the Earth.