What did bulkhead breakdown do?

What did bulkhead breakdown do?

As the Autobots had surrounded said museum, Knock Out and Breakdown drew them around to the front for a fight, where Breakdown caused Bumblebee and Arcee to collide with each other and sent Bulkhead flying into Knock Out.

Did breakdown have a crush on Airachnid?

Airachnid (formerly) Eventually, they both ended up teaming against Bulkhead and Arcee for the relic but lost. In Stronger, Faster, Breakdown talked about having a crush on Airachnid to a Vehicon soldier in the mine.

What is the best version of Starscream?

Transformers: Every Version Of Starscream, Ranked

  1. 1 Starscream In “Transformers: Prime” Struck The Perfect Balance.
  2. 2 Starscream In “Transformers: Animated” Was Dangerous And Entertaining.
  3. 3 Starscream In The IDW Comics Is One Of The Most Complex Versions.
  4. 4 Starscream In “The Transformers” Is A Classic For A Reason.

Is bulkhead a wrecker?

During the Great War, Bulkhead was formerly a Wrecker and became great friends with Wheeljack. Despite his loyalty to the group, Bulkhead left the Wreckers early on to accompany Optimus Prime and other Autobots on Earth.

Does knockout become an Autobot?

Knock Out is a Decepticon and later Autobot from the Prime portion of the Aligned continuity family.

What happened to Airachnid in Transformers Prime?

Airachnid’s pod survived the destruction of the Autobot base and was recovered by the Decepticon salvage teams that inspected the wreckage of the Autobot base along with the Forge of Solus Prime. The pod was then taken to the Decepticon warship and stored in a vault.

What happened to Barricade in Transformers 1?

Barricade disappears after the highway chase scene. He is confirmed to have survived but does not appear in the sequel. Concept art of Barricade here. He is one of the three Decepticons to have survived the events of the movie.

Why is starscream second in command?

Seniority – Starscream traditionally holds the rank of Air Commander in the Decepticon power structure. This airborne pre-eminence guarantees him a place in the High Command.

How strong is Starscream?

Basically he is quite powerful but his personality overwhelms his strength. His toy bios state his strength is 8/10, intelligence 7/10, endurance 6/10, courage 3/10 (lol), firepower 9/10, speed 9/10, skill 10/10.

Is bulkhead a Ironhide?

Bulkhead is a main character in the Transformers Animated series that debuted in 2007 on Cartoon Network. He is the only Autobot among the main five character cast whose name does not originate from a Generation 1 character. In the 2010 Japanese version of the series, he is known as Ironhide.

Is hound a bulkhead?

Similar to his fellow overweight movie autobot, hound has facial hair. Fans have dubbed him the movie incarnation of Bulkhead. Hound is the third Obese Transformer seen. The other two being Ratchet and Leadfoot.