What did Zoey put in the time capsule?

What did Zoey put in the time capsule?

This is NOT a drill. September 18, 2005: A brand new episode of the Nickelodeon tween hit “Zoey 101” aired. This episode involved the gang deciding what to put in a time capsule that represented themselves. Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) chose to make a DVD, explaining what all of her friends meant to her.

Who does Lola Martinez end up with?

Lola Martinez
Boyfriend: Vince Blake
Ex-Boyfriend: Chase Matthews
Kissed: Mark Del Figgalo
Date: Simon (one date)

Did Quinn and Logan end up together?

Logan: I LOVE QUINN PENSKY! Quinn: AND I LOVE LOGAN REESE! Quinn and Logan revealing their love to each other at the prom in Chasing Zoey….

Quinn-Logan Relationship
Relationship: Quinn Misses The Mark – present
Status: Dating/In Love

Who replaced Lola in Zoey 101?

In real life after Season 1 ended, Kristin Herrera was unceremoniously fired from Zoey 101 because producers thought she looked too old to continue acting, so Victoria Justice replaced her for the rest of the series. She is the only main character to not interact with Lola Martinez.

What was Zoeys secret?

Finally, Zoey reveals her secret: the little girl showing her butt on the Golden Tone suntan lotion bottles was her when she was 4 years old.

Does Chase ever tell Zoey he loves her?

Goodbye Zoey?: Chase finally tells Zoey that he loves her, indirectly though. This happens through a video chat. Trading Places: Zoey reveals her feelings for Chase and what she heard on the video chat. Chasing Zoey: Zoey breaks up with James because she wants to take Chase to the prom.

Where is Lola Martinez from?

Lola Martinez is a weather anchor on CNN International. She was born in Barcelona, grew up in England and is based at the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Martinez studied English and Spanish Literature at the University of Barcelona.

Who does Zoey end up with in Zoey 101?

Zoey’s best friend Chase was in love with her, but she never knew it, and he was always getting in the way of her and Michael Caine. Zoey and Chase end up together at the very end of the show where they confess their love for one another and kiss.

Does chase ever tell Zoey he loves her?