What do you mean by Kollam?

What do you mean by Kollam?

The name Kollam is believed to have been derived from the Sanskrit word Kollam, meaning pepper.

What is the meaning of Pwoli in Malayalam?

The actor couldn’t understand the meaning of typical Malayalam words like Kiduve (the best), Katta waiting (eagerly waiting) and Pwoli (superb).

What is the importance of Kollam?

Kollam has been the centre of cashew industry in Kerala from the time of the Portuguese in 16th c. Having hundreds of working cashew factories in the district, Kollam still continues to be the largest processed cashew exporter in India.

What is the meaning of Adipoli?

New Word Suggestion. Excellent; used in Indian English.

What is the meaning of Poli Sanam?

When you say ‘pwoli saanam myre’ it means you’ve seen nothing better. Period. Because it is comes from the heart. ‘pwoli saanam myre’ is the most innocent form of liking something or someone. Because it is devoid of prejudice.

What Kollam famous for?

A famous port of international spice trade in ancient India, the present day Kollam is famous for its varied modern industries including cashew nut processing and research, fisheries, etc. Its association with the renowned Ashtamudi Lake makes it the gateway to the magnificent backwaters of Kerala.

What is the culture of Kollam?

The people of Kollam are very religious and traditional in nature. Dance and music is the integral part of the culture of the people. Generally their lifestyle is quite simple and they give much importance to education. The people of different caste and religions reside in the city with deep harmony.

Who is the king of Kollam?

Venad ruled Kollam from the 9th century CE to the early 18th century, when it was transformed into the Kingdom of Travancore.

What is Poda Patti?

Interjection. poda patti. (India, slang) An insult: go away, you dog!

What is the meaning of Adi Polli?

What do we call Sanam in English?

place of idol worship, idol-temple.