What does 0DH mean?

What does 0DH mean?

MS-DOS needs two characters to perform a cursor jump to the beginning of the next line: 0dh (Carriage Return, abbr. CR) & 0ah (Line Feed, abbr. LF), usually abbreviated as CrLf . The first character causes the cursor just to jump to the beginning of the line, the second character let the cursor move to the next line.

What is 0AH and 0DH?

0Dh is the hexadecimal constant for the Carriage Return character in ASCII, often abbreviated CR. 0Ah is the hexadecimal constant for the Line Feed character in ASCII, often abbreviated LF. 24h is the hexadecimal constant for the ‘$’ character in ASCII.

What is the decimal conversion of the hexadecimal number 7F?

The below table visualizes how the decimal number 127 equals the hexadecimal number 7F.

What is the letter P in binary?

112 01110000
ASCII – Binary Character Table

Letter ASCII Code Binary
o 111 01101111
p 112 01110000
q 113 01110001
r 114 01110010

What does 0DH do in assembly?

Both ‘0AH’ and ‘0DH’ are bytes being stored/initialized in storage, while ‘0’ is NULL commonly used to terminate string literals. The DB statement initializes memory with one or more byte values. label is a symbol that is assigned the current memory address.

What is sub al 30H?

SUB AL,30H means subtracting 30H from AL. MOV NUM1,AL means move value in AL register into variable NUM1. Next Line – LEA DX,MSG2. MOV AH,9.

How do you write 127 in binary?

127 in binary is 1111111.

What does 0110 mean in binary?

1.4. 2 Binary Numbers

3-Bit Binary Numbers 4-Bit Binary Numbers Decimal Equivalents
101 0101 5
110 0110 6
111 0111 7
1000 8

What is the meaning of INT 21h in assembly language?

the interrupt handler 0x21
int 21h means, call the interrupt handler 0x21 which is the DOS Function dispatcher. the “mov ah,01h” is setting AH with 0x01, which is the Keyboard Input with Echo handler in the interrupt.

What is 00H in assembly language?

Consider a very simple instruction mov AL, 00H, it is to move a value 00 (HEX) to the AL register of 8086. When the program is being executed, then the value B400 is read from memory, decoded and carried out the task. Usually, the term statement is used to describe a line in an assembly language program.