What does being full-on mean?

What does being full-on mean?

adjective. Full-on is used to describe things or activities that have all the characteristics of their type, or are done in the strongest or most extreme way possible. [informal]

What does full-on mean British?

full-on in British English adjective. informal. complete; unrestrained.

Is full-on informal?

informal complete; unrestrained: full-on military intervention; full-on hard rock.

What word means full of meaning?

Full of substance or interest. meaty. interesting. substantial. meaningful.

What means full out?

Definition of full-out : complete, total a full-out effort.

What is a synonym for comprehensive?

full-scale, out-and-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, total.

What’s the meaning of pull on?

1 : to hold onto and move (something) toward oneself She pulled on the rope with all her might. 2 : to hold onto and pull (something) repeatedly When she gets nervous, she pulls on her ear. 3 : to breathe in the smoke from (a cigarette, pipe, etc.)

What’s another way of saying full of?

What is another word for full of?

teeming abounding
packed full
overflowing filled
rife stuffed
flush awash

How do you say full of something?


  1. brimful,
  2. brimming,
  3. bursting,
  4. chock-full.
  5. (or chockful),
  6. chockablock,
  7. crammed,
  8. crowded,

What does playing full out mean?

Playing Full Out means that you are willing to do things that you don’t necessarily want to do, that you are scared to do, that you have never done before, and doing them anyway. Playing Full Out means that you are willing to risk failure or embarrassment or whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

What can i watch full out on?

Watch Full Out | Netflix.

What does very comprehensive mean?

1 : covering completely or broadly : inclusive comprehensive examinations comprehensive insurance. 2 : having or exhibiting wide mental grasp comprehensive knowledge.

What is the meaning of the word full on?

Define full-on. full-on synonyms, full-on pronunciation, full-on translation, English dictionary definition of full-on. adj informal complete; unrestrained: full-on military intervention; full-on hard rock. Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition…

What is the meaning of full-on?

English Language Learners Definition of full-on : not limited in any way : fully developed See the full definition for full-on in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What is full-on design?

Presumably full-on design, as practised, has the character of being ambiguous and stochastic, non-classical in every sense. The common denominator of all these endeavours is a full-on attack on workers. He called it full-on, cellphone-waving arena rock schmaltz, with husky, slow-moving guitars and a wallop of meaninglessly earnest vocals.