What does down the road mean in slang?

What does down the road mean in slang?

in the future
in the future: Lots of things will have changed a few years down the road.

What does further down the road mean?

further along/down the ˈroad. at some time in the future: There are certain to be more job losses further down the road.

Why do we say down the road?

COMMON If you talk about something happening a particular number of years or months down the road, you are talking about it happening after that amount of time.

What does it mean when someone says see you down the road?

The sentence actually means, metaphorically, “I’ll see you when we have both traveled further down the road.” This is why she says “… on down the road.” Also, “see you down the road” could have an alternate meaning. To see someone somewhere can mean to escort them to that place.

Is down the road a metaphor?

Down the road is an idiom that describes something that will happen later, something that will occur in the future.

How do you use down the road in a sentence?

Down-the-road sentence example

  1. They started down the road toward a ranch house.
  2. Say your prayers angels, here comes the boogie man down the road !
  3. The scent of the ocean was on the air, and the area in front of them was guarded by tourist police while tourists camped out in small tents up and down the road .

What does further down the line mean?

at a later date. Whether that happens further down the line we cannot say. if something happens a particular number of years or months down the line, it happens after that amount of time. So 25 years down the line, you look back and there’s a sense that it was all better back then.

What’s the difference between up the road and down the road?

In almost all cases, it’s correct to use “down the street.” However, if the street is on a hill, use “up the street” when talking about something that is further uphill, and “down the street” when it’s further downhill.

What does down the lane mean?

A lane is a small road. So, it would be similar to saying she rides her bike every evening down the road. Up and down can mean a difference in height, or it can mean closer to or farther from a point. In this case “down the lane” might mean that as she is riding it is farther away from her starting point.

What is another word for in the future?

impending, prospective, imminent, looming.

What does walking down the line mean?

(idiomatic) To behave in an authorized or socially accepted manner while staying on the edge of not doing so; to exercise self-control. To walk the line between two contrasting ideas. quotations ▼ To mark or secure a boundary by walking along it. quotations ▼

What do you understand by up the street and down the road?

Many people recommend using “up the street” to mean, “the direction in which the house or building numbers are going up,” and using “down the street” to mean the other way.

What does down the road a ways mean?

In the future, as in “He’d love to buy another store, but that’s down the road a ways,” or “Her doctoral degree is about three years down the road.” This colloquialism dates from the second half of the 1900s. See also: down, road

What does a long way away mean?

: a great distance Their house is a long way (away) from here. She went a long way to see him. —often used figuratively in various phrases These changes will go a long way toward/towards making the system more efficient. We’ve done a lot of work already, but we have a long way to go.

What does along/down the road mean?

along/down the road in the future, especially at a later stage in a process You can always upgrade a bit further down the road if you want. Somewhere down the road, they’re going to clash. → road Examples from the Corpus along/down the road • Lily shot a quick horrified look up and down the road. • No car had come down the road for a while.

What does 25 years down the road mean?

down the road. COMMON If you talk about something happening a particular number of years or months down the road, you are talking about it happening after that amount of time. Twenty-five years down the road from independence, we have to start making some new priorities.