What does DWS mean in banking?

What does DWS mean in banking?

DWS draws from the name of Deutsche Bank’s original fund firm founded in 1956, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wertpapiersparen (German Corporation for Investment Saving). The name was later shortened to DWS and has been the name for our retail business in Germany ever since.

What is a DWS fund?

DWS is a company that sells mutual funds with $72,923M in assets… DWS is a company that sells mutual funds with $72,923M in assets under management. The average expense ratio from all mutual funds is 0.60%. 59.70% of all the mutual funds are no load funds.

Is DWS a mutual fund company?

DWS mutual funds are the product of Deutsche Bank, sold through its asset management arm to its clients in the United States. Naturally, its funds run the gamut, from the world of index-tracking S&P 500 funds to specialized municipal bond funds.

Is DWS a hedge fund?

The DWS Hedge Fund UCITS business selects third party hedge fund managers to build regulated UCITS funds which it distributes to an institutional client base.

Which company is DWS?

The DWS Group (Formerly: Deutsche Asset Management) commonly referred to as DWS, is a German asset management company. It previously operated as part of Deutsche Bank until 2018 where it became a separate entity through an initial public offering on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Who is DWS infrastructure?

DWS Group (DWS) is one of the world’s leading asset managers with EUR 859bn of assets under management (as of 30 June 2021). Building on more than 60 years of experience, it has a reputation for excellence in Germany, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Who owns DWS infrastructure?

DWS, 79.5% owned by Deutsche Bank, aims to reach the first close of the fund soon after the summer, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Who owns DWS?

Deutsche Bank
DWS Group

Native name DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA
Total equity €6.7 billion (2020)
Owner Deutsche Bank (79.49%)
Number of employees 3,500 (2020)
Website dws.com

What does DWS company do?

DWS Limited is a locally owned public company, deriving revenue from the provision of information technology solutions and services to businesses and government bodies. The company employs over 800 people, operates throughout Australia, and is administered from its head office in Melbourne, Victoria.

Where is DWS based?

Frankfurt , Germany
DWS Group

Native name DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA
Headquarters Mainzer Landstraße 11-17, Frankfurt , Germany
Key people Asoka Woehrmann (CEO)
Products Mutual Funds ETFs Alternative Investments
Revenue €2.2 billion (2020)

What is DWS in Australia?

The District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) classification is a health workforce classification for specialist medical practitioners.

Who owns DWS Australia?

HCL Technologies
HCL Technologies on Tuesday completed the acquisition of DWS Ltd, a leading Australian IT, business and management consulting group. DWS has over 700 employees and offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra.