What does it mean to invigorate someone?

What does it mean to invigorate someone?

Definition of invigorate transitive verb. : to give life and energy to : animate also : stimulate sense 1.

Is invigoration a real word?

To the one who believes not, nothing happens beyond the cleansing of his body and its invigoration. For invigoration or revitalizing, resort must be made to its primitive blood cause.

Is invigorated an emotion?

Invigorate is especially used in the context of things that make people feel “alive” or renewed or refreshed physically, mentally, and emotionally. Such a state or feeling can be called vigor, which is at the root of invigorate. A close synonym is vitality. In other words, to invigorate is to fill with vigor.

What does Vivification mean?

1 : to endow with life or renewed life : animate rains that vivify the barren hills. 2 : to impart vitality or vividness to concentrating this union of quality and meaning in a way which vivifies both— John Dewey.

How does an invigorated person feel?

Someone who’s invigorated is filled with a new sense of energy or excitement. Your grandmother might look invigorated after her month-long vacation in Hawaii. Use the adjective invigorated to describe a person who’s glowing with health or whose eyes are shining with enthusiasm.

What does Infigerating mean?

verb. impart vigor, strength, or vitality to. “Exercise is invigorating” synonyms: reinvigorate. type of: arouse, brace, energise, energize, perk up, stimulate.

How do you spell Envigorating?

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  1. envigorates.
  2. envigorating.
  3. envigorated.

What does searingly mean?

very hot
1 : very hot. 2 : marked by extreme intensity, harshness, or emotional power searing pain a searing review a searing portrayal.

How do you build a solid foundation with God?

How to Build a Strong Foundation

  1. We should trust the Lord and know that the promises of God are sure.
  2. We need to abide in God’s word.
  3. We need to apply God’s word to our lives: believe it, live it, trust it, apply it and pray according to Gods word.
  4. And last, we need to have faith in Jesus and in God’s word.

What is the meaning of commonsensical?

Meaning of commonsensical in English showing common sense (= the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way): He described the report as “rigorous and commonsensical”.

What is searing pain?

1 : very hot. 2 : marked by extreme intensity, harshness, or emotional power searing pain a searing review a searing portrayal. Other Words from searing Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About searing.