What does MC stand for in cable?

What does MC stand for in cable?

Let’s take a closer look at this industry workhorse: Metal-Clad Cable. MC Cable Definition. MC Cable, by most common definition, is a factory assembly of one or more insulated circuit conductors enclosed in an armor of interlocking metal tape or a smooth or corrugated metal sheath.

What are the different types of MC cable?

MC Metal Clad Cables

  • MC Glide Tuff™ Steel Clad Cable.
  • MC Glide Lite™ Aluminum Clad Cable.
  • MC Intermediate and Feeder Cable with Aluminum Armor.
  • MC 8 AWG-2 through 1 AWG-4 Aluminum Armored Cable.
  • MC 8 AWG-2 through 2 AWG-4 Steel Armored Cable.
  • Type MC Steel Metal Clad Cable (UL)

What is the difference between flexible conduit and MC cable?

Flexible metal conduit (FMC) is commonly called “Greenfield.” The main difference between MC cable and FMC is that FMC doesn’t have the insulated wires pre-installed; you have to pull them through instead.

Can you leave MC cable exposed?

Section 330.15 states: Exposed runs of cable, except as provided in 300.11(A), shall closely follow the surface of the building finish or running boards. Exposed runs shall also be permitted to be installed on the underside of joists where supported at each joist and located so as not to be subject to physical damage.

Where is MC cable not allowed?

WET OR DAMP ENVIRONMENTS 330 of the NEC mentions that MC cable can be used indoor and outdoor but does not make mention of it being allowed or disallowed for use in damp environments. It does state that when used in wet locations there must be a corrosion-resistant jacket to protect the conductors.

Is MC better than Romex?

Safety: Compared to Romex, MC cable is safer to install due to its metallic sheath. This sheath helps protect against accidental shearing and penetration, reducing the risk for accidental wire exposure. Romex sheathing is easily penetrated or sheared, making it less safe unless run through protective conduit.

What is the fire rating of MC cable?

VITALink® MC power cable is listed by UL as 2-Hour Fire Rated when installed in accordance with RSCC installation procedures and system listings. This cable meets the requirements of an “Electrical Circuit Protective System” as referred to in Articles 695 and 700 of the 2-Hour National Electrical Code (NEC).

What is blue MC?

Southwire Blue Steel Armor Type MC Cable is constructed with soft-drawn copper, Type THHN/THWN conductors rated 90°C dry available in sizes 14 AWG through 2 AWG, and a green insulated grounding conductor. The conductors are cabled together and a binder tape bearing the print legend is wrapped around the assembly.

How far can you run MC cable?

6 feet
According to NEC Article 330.30, MC cable must be supported and secured at intervals of 6 feet or less (unless routed through a framing member) and cables containing four or fewer conductors sized no larger than 10 AWG must be secured within 12 inches of every termination.

Is MC cable better than Romex?

Are anti shorts required for MC cable?

Anti-short bushings that may be supplied by MC Cable manufacturers are for optional use by the installer, however they are not required.

Can you bury MC cable in concrete?

Type MC cable is available with an outer PVC jacket and is permitted to be installed in parking decks, concrete pours and for direct earth burial if it is identified for such use.