What does Obierika represent in things fall apart?

What does Obierika represent in things fall apart?

Obierika represents a man that has the characteristics of patience, and more rational faculties than Okonkwo. The first time they converse in the novel is over the death of Ikemefuna. In his attempt to steer away from being viewed as weak, Okonkwo laid the final blow in taking Ikemefuna’s life.

What does Obierika say about Okonkwo?

Obierika replies that he “had something better to do.” He expresses his disapproval of Okonkwo’s role in killing Ikemefuna. The act, he says, will upset the Earth, and the earth goddess will get her revenge.

What does Obierika say about Okonkwo in Chapter 25?

Obierika talks furiously to the District Commissioner and says Okonkwo was an extraordinary man. Obierika announces, “You drove him to kill himself, and now he will be buried like a dog.” The District Commissioner advises his men to take the body away.

What does Chielo symbolize in things fall apart?

Chielo is a widow and mother and is often possessed by the goddess. Chielo has a special attachment to Okonkwo’s daughter, Ezinma, believing her to be an ogbanje, or reincarnated evil spirit that comes to earth in children, killing most of them.

How is Obierika described?

Obierika is open-minded; he understands and appreciates the changing values and foreign culture that is infiltrating the Igbo traditions. Obierika is receptive to new ideas and is willing to adapt to change, whereas Okonkwo is narrow-minded, unable to accept any change to traditional Igbo culture and beliefs.

What is Obierika’s role?

As a character, Obierika’s tends to fill the role of advice-giver to Okonkwo. He forces his friend to think about the deeper matters at stake – like morality and universal truths. He tries to bring reason and compassion into Okonkwo’s decision-making process, but Okonkwo rarely listens.

How is Obierika characterized?

How does Obierika influence Okonkwo?

How does Obierika react to Okonkwo’s death?

Obierika displays an uncharacteristic flash of temper and lashes out at the commissioner, blaming him for Okonkwo’s death and praising his friend’s greatness. The commissioner decides to honor the group’s request, but he leaves and orders his messengers to do the work.

Why did Chielo take Ezinma?

What did Chielo want with Ezinma? Chielo wanted to take Ezinma to see Agbala. What did Ekwefi do? She followed Chielo and Ezinma to the cave of Agbala.

What type of character is Obierika?

How is Obierika a good friend?

Obierika is Okonkwo’s best friend and also a respected man in Umuofia. He often offers reasonable counterpoints to Okonkwo’s desire for rash action, although Okonkwo rarely takes his friend’s advice. More than any other character, Obierika is a thinking man, one who works things out in his head.