What does Parear mean?

What does Parear mean?

to pair up
to pair up in English is “PAREAR”.

What is the word PATA?

Pata is a noun that means leg and you can find out how to pronounce it here: In English the word leg applies to people, animals and furniture. In Spanish you use pata for animals and furniture, and pierna for people.

What Frios mean?

frios plural masculine noun. (cookery) cold meats.

What Spanyol means?

Adjective. spanyol (not comparable) Spanish (of or pertaining to Spain, its people or culture)

Does Pato mean duck?

Borrowed from Spanish pato (literally “duck”), since it was originally played with a live duck inside a basket instead of a ball.

Does Patas mean feet in Spanish?

Yes, when a person uses “patas” to refer to his/her feet, it’s slang or informal. There is even a colloquial phrase that goes: “metí las patas”.

Is it El Razon or La Razon?

Razón is feminine; genio is masculine. So you mean, for the feminine words, Spanish use “la”, and for masculines, they use “el”? Bevj said: Note: Immediately before a singular Spanish noun with initial stressed “a” or “ha,” use the articles “el” and “un.”

What is the meaning of Caliente?

hot, warm
Adjective. caliente (plural calientes) hot, warm (emitting heat or warmth) synonyms, antonym ▲ Synonyms: cálido, (weather) caluroso Antonym: frío.

What did Rome call Spain?

Hispania, in Roman times, region comprising the Iberian Peninsula, now occupied by Portugal and Spain.

Does Spain mean land of rabbits?

they called the country Ispania (from Sphan, “rabbit”), which means “land of the rabbits.” The Romans arrived a century later and adopted the Carthaginian name of the country, calling it Hispania. Later, this became the present day Spanish name for the country, España.

Do you say Turkey in Spanish?

In Spanish turkey is a very simple word to translate: pavo.

What is pato Sucio?

Pato sucio | Spanish Translator. pato sucio. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ dirty duck.