What happen to g987?

What happen to g987?

G98. 7, as of Monday, officially took on its new identity: “All New” Flow 98.7 FM. Meanwhile, 93.5 became Today Radio, pegged as adult contemporary. The slogan of the old 93.5 has been changed from “Toronto’s Hip Hop” to “Toronto’s Hip Hop and R&B” to connect with G98.

Where did flow 93.5 go?

The Flow branding was sold to G98. 7, Toronto’s only other station that was dedicated to playing R&B and hip-hop music. G98. 7 has now rebranded to Flow 98.7, but staff from the original Flow 93.5 have been laid off.

Where is G98 7 located?

Toronto, Ontario
CKFG-FM (98.7 FM, Flow 98.7) is a radio station in Toronto, Ontario. Owned by CINA Media Group, its studios are located on Kern Road in the Don Mills neighbourhood of North York, while its transmitter is located at the top of First Canadian Place in Downtown Toronto.

Where is Mark and Jem G98 7?

Mark Strong and Jemeni have returned to Toronto airwaves after a three-month absence following their departure from G98. 7 (CKFG-FM).

Is G 98.7 sold?

“Both of these brands are important to the Black community,” said Gunter, who joined G98. 7 in September following the station’s sale to CINA Radio Group, owned by multicultural broadcaster Neeti P.

Is Denham Jolly still alive?

Brandeis Denham Jolly, CM (born August 26, 1935) is a Jamaican Canadian businessman, publisher, broadcaster, human rights activist, philanthropist and author of In the Black: My Life.

What happen to G 98.7 FM?

7 rebrands to Flow 98.7 as Stingray relinquishes heritage brand. Toronto’s G98. 7 (CKFG-FM) is getting a rebrand, moving forward as the “All New” Flow 98.7 as Stingray relinquishes the heritage, urban hip hop format to make way for the introduction of a new, yet-to-be announced station in the city.

What happened to 98.7 AMP radio Detroit?

Detroit’s 98.7 AMP Radio is being replaced with another format, called The Breeze. 98.7 AMP Radio was known for its Top 40 hits. Now The Breeze will play relaxing favorites at work with hits from artists like Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and Boyz II Men to Adele, Alicia Keys and Sara Bareilles.

Who is Peter Kash?

Peter Kash – Podcast Host & Social Media Content Creator – High Quality Radio | LinkedIn.

Who is neeti Ray?

Neeti P. Ray, an experienced investor in the broadcasting industry with radio stations in Ontario and Quebec, was announced as the winning bidder for the ownership of G98. 7 FM, which has been on the air since 2011. The sale, executed through a court-ordered receivership, is pending final approval from the CRTC.

Is Flow 93.5 Moving?

Anyone tuning in to 93.5 FM expecting their usual hosts and tunes will now instead be listening to Today Radio, while Flow has been moved over to 98.7 FM.

Who was the first artist played on 93.5 FM once it became black owned?

FLOW 93.5 went on air in February 2001 and was the first mainstream radio station to introduce hip-hop to Canada and the first to play Drake, and played and actively promoted Canada’s Black musicians.