What happens if you side with Bobbi?

What happens if you side with Bobbi?

Even if the player character kills Fahrenheit and sides with Bobbi, Ashmaker can be looted from Fahrenheit’s corpse and Hancock will still be available as a follower after finishing Hancock’s follow up quest of killing Bobbi.

Is there a diamond city strongroom?

After they make it to a cavity underneath the strongroom and blow the ceiling, sacrificing Sonya, it is revealed that it’s not Diamond City’s strongroom but a secluded storage room at NH&M Freight Depot owned by Hancock, Goodneighbor’s mayor.

Where is Bobbi No-Nose after Big Dig?

If the player character leaves after talking to her when John Hancock sends them to kill her, they will lose the location of her hideout: Hawthorne Estate. If one needs to find it, it is just south of Andrew station.

How do you get Mel out of jail without getting caught?

Kill the Mirelurks then talk with Bobbi again. Next head to Diamond City, and talk to Bobbi at the noodle stand. She’ll ask you to get her tech guy Mel out of jail. Head to the security office and get him out of jail with a bribe, speech check, or lockpicking.

How did Hancock become a ghoul?

Over time, he fell into a rut of depression and drug abuse, at some point taking an experimental, radioactive drug in an attempt to transform himself into a ghoul. The attempt was successful, and he today remarks that both the high and the subsequent transformation were “so worth it.”

What happened Mel Fallout 4?

Mel may stay seated after getting hurt. You can still proceed as usual through the questline and if this happens while he is in the Dig he should randomly appear behind you after you call for Sonya. After completing The Big Dig, Mel may remain in the final excavation room and will become completely unresponsive.

Who is the best companion in Fallout 4?

Fallout 4: All Of The Companions, Ranked

  • 8 MacCready.
  • 7 Preston Garvey.
  • 6 Cait.
  • 5 Dogmeat.
  • 4 Nick Valentine.
  • 3 Strong.
  • 2 Paladin Danse.
  • 1 Curie.

Can you romance Hancock Fallout 4?

Hancock is a potential candidate for romance, an option that unlocks after reaching the highest level of affinity.

Is Hancock a good companion?

John Hancock might not be the ideal companion to Sole Survivor, but his character is likely to make you admire him more and more. The only ghoul character in the list, Hancock, can be best described as loyal but chaotic and someone who doesn’t judge you for (many of) your evil deeds.

What happens to Mel after the Big Dig?

Can you become mayor of Diamond City?

In addition to becoming mayor of the Diamond City, still be able to release all the rest enveloped. If you notice where the Diamond City is located, it is a type of island, accessible through bridges.