What is a 2500 size reel good for?

What is a 2500 size reel good for?

2500 Size Reels 2500 is a good choice for bass fishing, ideally if you want to use a 5 to 12-pound braided line.

What does FB mean Shimano reel?

Shimano reels use the following format for their reels: FAMILY : MODEL : SIZE : GEAR RATIO : SPOOL DEPTH. As an example: Stradic FB 3000 XGM. Family = Stradic. Model = FB.

What is the difference between a 2500 and 3000 spinning reel?

The only difference between the 2500 and 3000 size from shimano is the depth of the spool. You are only gaining line capacity with the larger size, the two reels will not handle line any different.

How much line do I need for a 2500 reel?

An entry-level 2500 such as the popular Shimano Sienna will hold 140 yards of 8lb mono and 170 yards of 10lb braid.

Are 2500 reels good trout?

Choosing 2500 spinning reels would be ideal for trout fishing in freshwater. It’s better when used with 5 to 12 lbs braided lines. The smallest and lightest reels will always be a good choice.

How big is a 2500 spinning reel?

Small Spinning Reels. 1000 to 3000

Reel Size Mono Strength Fish Sizes
1000 Small. Ultra-light 2-4lb (1-2kg) to 3 lb
2000 Small. Ultra-light 4-6lb (2-3kg) to 5 lb
2500 Small. Light 5-8lb (2.5kg-4kg) 2 to 7 lb
3000 Small. General Purpose 6-10lb (3kg-5kg) 2 to 15 lb

What does 2500 mean on a fishing reel?

Small sized spinning reels (1000 – 3500)

Reel Size Recommended Mono Line Strength Recommended Species (North America)
2500 (or 25) 5-8lb (2.5kg-4kg) Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike
3000 (or 30) 6-10lb (3kg-5kg) Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Catfish
3500 (or 35) 6-10lb (3kg-5kg) Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Catfish

What does the C mean in Shimano reels?

“C” in the beginning stands for “compact body” which means that everything except spool is one size smaller or more compact. For example “C3000” reel will have “2500” body but “3000” spool.

How much line does a Shimano 2500 hold?

Shimano Stradic 2500 HGFL

Reel Name: Mono Line Cap. (test/yd): Power Pro Braid (lb/yd):
Shimano Stradic 2500 HGFL 6/200, 8/140, 10/120 10/150, 15/145, 30/100

What size reel is best for trout fishing?

The best spinning reel for trout should is usually a size 10 to 20 but your spinning reel should match the size of the trout and the size of the rivers that you fish. Since trout in small rivers or even in larger rivers don’t get as big as steelhead and salmon do they do not require the same sized spinning reels.

How big is a 2500 fishing reel?

What size reel do I need for a 7 foot rod?

Medium sized spinning reels (4000 – 5500) These medium sized spinning reels are suited to rods in the 7-8 foot size range for anglers chasing the larger freshwater fish and some saltwater fishing applications.