What is a BAC transgenic?

What is a BAC transgenic?

BAC transgenes direct gene expression to specific cell types in tissues more precisely than many promoter mini-constructs. The most rapid and effective method to generate BAC transgenic mice is the direct microinjection of BAC DNA into the pronucleus of fertilized mouse eggs.

What are BAC vectors?

BAC vectors are plasmids constructed with the replication origin of E. coli F factor, and so can be maintained in a single copy per cell. These vectors can hold DNA fragments of up to 300 kb. Since they are present in low copies, recombination between the high- copy plasmids.

What is BAC YAC?

YAC vectors are DNA constructs that are used for cloning DNA in yeasts. BAC vectors are DNA constructs that are used for cloning DNA in bacteria. Gene insert. A gene sequence of 100-1000 kbp can be inserted in these vectors. A gene sequence of 150-350 kbp can be inserted into the BAC vectors.

What is BAC and PAC?

Bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) and P1-derived artificial chromosomes (PACs) are large genomic clones stably maintained in bacteria and are very important in functional studies through transfection because of their large size and stability.

How do bacterial artificial chromosomes work?

Segments of an organism’s DNA, ranging from 100,000 to about 300,000 base pairs, can be inserted into BACs. The BACs, with their inserted DNA, are then taken up by bacterial cells. As the bacterial cells grow and divide, they amplify the BAC DNA, which can then be isolated and used in sequencing DNA.

What is BAC used for?

A bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) is an engineered DNA molecule used to clone DNA sequences in bacterial cells (for example, E. coli). BACs are often used in connection with DNA sequencing. Segments of an organism’s DNA, ranging from 100,000 to about 300,000 base pairs, can be inserted into BACs.

What is BAC microarray?

A BAC clone chip is a DNA microarray whose probe is a template amplified by PCR. The template is a genome region incorporated into a comprehensive BAC (bacterial artificial chromosome) clone which various research institutions used in decoding the genome sequence of various organisms.

What are YACs and BACs 12?

Answer : BAC: Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes. YAC: Yeast Artificial Chromosomes.

Which is better BAC or YAC?

BACs can carry inserts of 200–300 kb or less. YAC DNA is difficult to purify intact and requires high concentration for generating YAC vector system. BAC is easy to purify intact and can be easily constructed. YACs are often chimeric.

What is BAC used to determine?

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How are BACs made?

This ensures that the BAC library is made from DNA fragments of a particular size range. These sections of the gel are cut out and the DNA fragments are extracted. These DNA fragments are inserted into a BAC vector using an enzyme called ligase to join the two bits of DNA together. They are now called BAC clones.

How is BAC determined?

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Why do we use BACs for transgenesis?

The use of BACs for transgenesis enables the expression of the transgene from its native genomic environment, which includes most, if not all, regulatory elements, a situation closely resembling that of endogenous gene targeting. The method is applicable to very large genes, which are difficult to obtain as cDNAs.

Do BAC transgenes direct gene expression at physiological levels?

Bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) transgenes direct gene expression at physiological levels with the same developmental timing and expression patterns as endogenous genes in transgenic animal models. We generated 707 transgenic founders from 86 BAC transgenes purified by three different methods.

Are BAC transgenic founders more efficient than conventional transgenes?

Also, the generation of BAC transgenic founders is less efficient than conventional transgenes; it usually results in less founder lines being generated in the course of a similar microinjection effort.

How are linear and circular BAC transgenes prepared?

Linear BAC transgenes were prepared by restriction enzyme digestion and size exclusion chromatography was used to isolate the microinjection fragment as described (Dunnick et al., 2004). Three linear and four circular BAC transgenes were compared (Table 9).