What is a concrete Reglet?

What is a concrete Reglet?

A reglet is found on the exterior of a building along a masonry wall, chimney or parapet that meets the roof. It is a groove cut within a mortar joint that receives counter-flashing meant to cover surface flashing used to deflect water infiltration.

What is the purpose of a Reglet?

A reglet is often used on a roof at the joint between the parapet wall and the flat surface of the roof. The primary function of the reglet is to keep moisture out of the wall by sealing or covering gaps between two materials.

What is Reglet flashing used for?

Reglet Flashing Metal Reglet flashing is installed between a wall (or the back side of a parapet wall) and a roof. This flashing is used with counter flashings to avoid leaks in one of the most crucial areas of a roof which is a ninety degree edge.

What is raggle roof?

A manufactured masonry unit, frequently made of terra cotta, having a slot or groove to receive a metal flashing. Also known as flashing block; raggle block. A groove cut into masonry to receive adjoining material.

What is a counter flashing?

Counterflashing – Formed metal or elastomeric sheeting secured on or into a wall, curb, pipe, rooftop unit, or other surface to cover and protect the upper edge of a base flashing and its associated fasteners.

What is cant strip?

Definition of cant strip 1 : a beveled strip placed in the angle between a roof and a wall against which the roof abuts so as to avoid a sharp bend in the roofing material. 2 : a strip used under the lower edge of the lowest row of tiles on a roof to give this row the same slope as the rows above it.

What is the difference between counter flashing and flashing?

Counter flashing is used on walls and chimneys like step flashing. Unlike step flashing, the piece of flashing is sawed into an existing mortar joint, and the metal comes over the top of the brick. Like step flashing, counter flashing is sometimes installed in a step-by-step method.

How thick is Fry Reglet?

The profiles come in 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” depths to accommodate different panel materials.

What is a Reglet reveal?

Fry Reglet Reveal creates an attractive vertical or horizontal recessed reveal in drywall installations. Reveals can become a design element to enhance building interiors.