What is a floor box?

What is a floor box?

Floor boxes are boxes made of steel/stainless steel and plastic, designed to be installed into raised access floors. They come in a range of sizes and there are different boxes for different types of flooring.

What is an on grade floor box?

CONCRETE FLOOR BOXES. Wiremold concrete floor boxes are available for above-grade and on-grade applications. Above-grade boxes are made from steel or PVC materials. On-grade boxes are made from cast iron, PVC or steel with an approved epoxy-based coating.

What is the difference between a floor box and a poke thru?

“The floor box is an outlet box that`s in the floor, while a poke-thru device goes all the way through the floor,” she says. “The poke-thru can be used in new construction and retrofit applications but is more commonly seen in retrofits.

What is a floor monument?

An electrical outlet, located on or under the floor’s surface, that is connected to conduit carrying power beneath the floor.

Do floor outlets need to be GFCI?

There is no code requirement for all floor receptacles to be GFCI-protected. But when they are in a location requiring GFCI, such as a bathroom, then it is necessary.

Can you put outlets in the floor?

The National Electrical Code requires floor outlets to be a part of an approved assembly consisting of a metal box, gasket seal, special receptacle and strong cover plate with a moisture-proof cover. You can’t just mount a regular wall outlet in the floor. The first time someone stepped on it, it would break.

What is the use of utility box?

Definitions. Utility boxes are above-ground structures that house electrical transformers, electrical switches, cable TV, communication or telephone connections and wiring, and other electrical connections required to distribute a utility service from a main line to individual buildings.

What is convenient outlet?

Definition of convenience outlet : a receptacle in a wall or baseboard for connection to lamps or other electrical appliances.