What is a good City2Surf time?

What is a good City2Surf time?

The average finish time was around 2:38 hours.

What is the average time for City to Surf?

The most common finish time is 80-85 minutes This is because City2Surf attracts both competitive runners and casual walkers. The most common finish time across all participants is between 80 and 85 minutes.

Who is the target audience for City to Surf?

City2Surf participants range from walkers, fun runners, to elite athletes. To appeal to the different types of participants, a multifaceted creative strategy was implemented with integrated content plans developed to target the various runner personas.

How long is City2Surf?

The Sun-Herald City2Surf is back on Sunday, 14 August 2022, running 14km from Hyde Park in Sydney’s CBD to the finish at Bondi Beach. Thousands of participants are expected to lace up their running shoes and participate in the 2022 edition of this iconic run!

How long is Sutherland surf?

Overview. Tradies Sutherland 2 Surf – Celebrating 50 Years The annual Tradies Sutherland 2 Surf (S2S) is an 11km fun run from Sutherland to Wanda Surf Life Saving Club and in 2022 will celebrate its 50th year…

How long is the City to Surf Sydney?

When was the first surfing City?

September 5, 1971City2Surf / First event date

Do you get a medal for City to Surf?

All finishers will receive a Finisher Medal. Everyone is welcome to participate in City2Surf. Walkers, non-elite wheelchair athletes and athletes participating with prams must register in the last start group. All information is subject to change.

Can kids do City to Surf?

Participants can choose to walk or run the 14km long course and tens of thousands of people participate in the event every year; including runners, walkers, families, kids and large corporate groups.

Where is Heartbreak Hill Sydney?

in the City2Surf (Sydney), Heartbreak Hill is a 2km incline on New South Head Road starting about 6km into the race. a steep sand dune located at Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia, popular with tourists and locals for walking.

Can you walk the city to surf?