What is a Rolex Daytona?

What is a Rolex Daytona?

The Daytona is the chronograph in the Rolex family. Sporty and functional, it’s an icon of this Swiss manufacturer and was popularized by actor and racecar driver Paul Newman. It is one of the most coveted timepieces among watch enthusiasts.

How much does a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona cost?

There seems to be an endless variety of Rolex Cosmograph Daytonas. Many collectors dream of getting their hands on one of the rare vintage models that can cost well over 115,000 USD. More recent two-tone editions occupy the other end of the spectrum, selling for as little as 15,500 USD.

What kind of Watch is the Rolex Daytona 4130?

The stainless steel watch featured the in-house automatic caliber 4130 . The first chronograph movement from Rolex premiered a year earlier in the gold version of Daytona. It has a diameter of 30.5 mm and is 6.5 mm thick. It features 44 ruby jewel bearings and its balance wheel vibrates at 28,800 A/h.

How much does a Rolex 6234 cost?

Moreover, in a rare move, Rolex opted to go with a caliber from a third party instead of their own. Gold editions with the reference number 6234 can cost up to 120,000 USD. Prices for the stainless steel versions fall between 35,500 and 83,000 USD.


An icon eternally joined in name and function to the high-performance world of motor sport. The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona wristwatch, named after the Daytona race, was introduced to the world in 1963.

Are Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica watches waterproof?

All Daytonas come in waterproof cases decorated with diamonds, sapphires, and bezel. Our Rolex Cosmograph Daytona replica watches feel, look and function like genuine ones that’s why they will last a lifetime. Furthermore, they don’t only look like real Daytonas but they are also replicated on the inside.

Are Rolex Daytona clones accurate?

Owning a Rolex Daytona clone is not any different from the authentic, since it’s crafted from the same materials, with the same precision, and in case of Swiss grade, with the movement 1:1 accurate as of the authentic watch.

Why should you buy replica Rolex watches?

Replica makers are skilled enough to copy even small details including weight, design, and logo. – With replica Daytonas, you will be able to boost your outfit without spending too much money on them. A fake Rolex will give you a certain status and fine elegance. Moreover, you will feel more confident knowing that you look like a big shot.