What is a surface pattress?

What is a surface pattress?

Surface pattress back boxes are designed to be used where installation within the wall is not possible or desired. This means that surface mounted back boxes are required to install wiring devices, which can result in less labour and mess as the walls do not need to be chased or chiselled.

What size pattress box do I need?

Metal in Wall Pattress Boxes Sizes available are 1 gang (Single sized) or 2 gang (Double sized), with depths available being 25mm, 35mm or 47m. The UK Standard size is usually a 35mm depth of back box and this will be suitable for most switches and sockets.

What pattress means?

A pattress is a plywood or timber board fixed within in a partition to which equipment can be secured, such as ceiling roses, power outlets, basins, wall cabinets and so on.

Why is it called a pattress box?

The word “pattress”, despite being attested from the late 19th century, is still rarely found in dictionaries. It is etymologically derived from pateras (Latin for bowls, saucers). The term is not used by electricians in the United States.

What is a pattress box used for?

A pattress box is commonly used with the installation of light switches and outlet sockets. Also known as a pattress box, a pattress is a type of container that is used with electrical applications.

Can I use plastic back box in wall?

Different Types and Sizes of Plastic Back Box Essentially it works the same way as a metal back box and is recessed into the walls surface allowing the socket or switch face plate to fit flush with the walls surface.

How do you remove knockouts from plastic electrical boxes?

How to Remove Electrical Knockouts on a Plastic Enclosure

  1. Place a flat-head screwdriver into the slot of the electrical box knockout that is to be removed.
  2. Hit or tap the end of the screwdriver to remove the knockout and dislodge the rest of the knockout by hand if needed.

How far should a socket be from a corner?

Electrical sockets, switches and other electrical control devices should be a minimum of 350mm from corners of a room.

Do sockets need a back box?

You must have a back box. Just use a Patress box, you can fit a socket with a bit of a squeeze into a 25mm patress (Somtimes called surface box) however your choice of flat socket requires a larger back box. I’ve got no issues with selecting a different type of socket to make life easier with a 25mm box.

Does a plastic back box need earthing?

The Q&As state the box is plastic, so doesn’t require an earth, but has the capability to add an earth terminal if required.