What is a thumb guard?

What is a thumb guard?

A thumb guard is a plastic device worn over a child’s thumb. It is used to help a child break the habit of thumb sucking. Similar devices called finger guards can be used to help a child stop sucking their fingers.

What can a dentist do for thumb sucking?

The appliance prevents placement of the thumb into the mouth in a comfortable and soothing position. Your dental professional prescribes a thumb sucking appliance . This prescription can come from your general dentist, pediatric dentist or orthodontist.

What is a thumb sucking appliance called?

A fixed palatal thumb crib is a small metal appliance that is placed inside the mouth and attached to the upper molars. A crib fabricated of soldered wires prevents the thumb from making contact with the gums behind the front teeth.

Can orthodontist help with thumb sucking?

How Braces Can Help. The jaw and teeth misalignment caused by thumb sucking can be corrected with braces. but its is probably better to try to intercept the problem prior to all the adult teeth emerging. Fixed tongue or thumb/finger guards may be considered at 6-8 years of age and are found to be most effective.

When should you correct thumb sucking?

Many experts recommend ignoring thumb-sucking in a child who is preschool age or younger. Children who suck their thumbs may need treatment when they: Continue to suck a thumb often or with great intensity around age 4 or older. (A callus on the thumb is one sign of intense sucking.)

How can an adult stop sucking their thumb?

Strategies such as covering your thumb with fabric or with a foul-tasting substance may work. Keeping your hands busy with a fidget toy or a stress ball may help you to get past the urge. Other things to try include popping a mint or stick of gum into your mouth when you feel the desire to suck your thumb.

How do you stop pressing your tongue against your teeth?

Oral Appliances – Some oral appliances, like custom-fitted mouthguards, can be worn all or part of the day to help prevent your tongue from pressing against your teeth.

Does thumb sucking cause misaligned teeth?

Persistent, vigorous thumb sucking can sometimes cause misalignment of your child’s permanent teeth and affect the jaw or the shape and roof of the mouth. Thumb sucking may also expose your child to dirt, bacteria, and viruses.

How do adults fix their Thumbsucking for Overbites?

Overbite Correction for Adults

  1. Braces – braces help move just the teeth that cause the overbite.
  2. Invisalign Clear Aligners – similar to braces, Invsialign clear aligners can move teeth to correct an overbite.
  3. Surgery– if you have a skeletal type overbite and jaw problems, surgery is the solution.

Can I prevent thumb sucking?

Children often suck their thumb for comfort or when they are feeling insecure or anxious. Focus on addressing the cause of their anxiety and provide alternative comfort. Praise your child when not thumbsucking. Create a chart and reward them for a change in behavior.

How do I stop my baby from putting his thumb in his mouth?

Here are other ways to help your child stop sucking their thumb:

  1. Notice your child’s thumb sucking triggers.
  2. Use positive reinforcement.
  3. Keep them on track with gentle reminders.
  4. Ask your child’s dentist for help.
  5. Try an orthodontic device.
  6. Use thumb shields.
  7. Why do kids suck their thumbs?
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A thumb guard is a plastic device worn over a child’s thumb. It is used to help a child break the habit of thumb sucking. Similar devices called finger guards can be used to help a child stop sucking their fingers. Why is Thumb Sucking Bad?

Are thumb guards made in the USA?

As a soft, flexible, and comfortable medical device, our plastic thumb guard has been thoroughly tested and is made to the highest standards. Our products are manufactured and assembled in the United States. All of our materials are 100% BPA-free and contain no harmful phthalates.

Why do we use finger and thumb sucking guards?

This sucking feeling, or suction, over time becomes associated with warmth and comfort, and by itself, provides pleasure. Our finger and thumb sucking guards do not prevent the thumb or finger from going in the mouth, but they do prevent suction from forming, so there’s no longer any pleasure left in the habit.

What is the best device to stop thumb sucking?

TGuard AeroThumb is the top choice among Health Professionals. Dental Health professionals recognize just how effective TGuard is as a device to stop the thumb sucking habit. They recommend our product more than any other.