What is an international driver’s license?

What is an international driver’s license?

What is an International Driver’s License? An International Driver’s License (the correct term is “international driving permit”, or IDP) is a document that allows you to drive a motor vehicle legally in 174 countries when it is accompanied by your valid US driver’s license. It contains your name, photo and driver information.

Can I Drive in the US with a foreign driver’s license?

No. If you are coming to the United States from another country and you wish to drive, you must have a valid foreign driver’s license and you must obtain an IDP from the same country in which your license was issued. The United States Government does not require you to have an IDP to drive in the US.

How to get an international driver’s permit?

Where to Get an International Driver’s Permit. Once you have the application completed, you can send it in via the mail or visit a local office of an organization like AAA; you’ll also need two original passport-sized photos and a signed copy of your valid U.S. driver’s license as well as an enclosed check for the fee (typically $15).

How do I get an international driver’s license from AAA?

You don’t have to be a member of AAA or AATA to obtain an international driver’s license from that organization. You can apply in person at your local AAA branch. You can find your local AAA office here. Alternatively, you can mail the application and supporting documentation to the AAA or AATA.

Does the city of Nashua issue driver’s licenses?

The City of Nashua does not issue Driver’s Licenses. The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is responsible for issuing licenses. Please go to the nearest DMV substation or visit the DMV’s website at www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/dmv for more information.

How do I obtain an international driver’s license (IDP)?

If you are a permanent resident of the United States and have a driver’s license issued in the United States, you can obtain your international driver’s license (officially referred to as “international driving permit” or IDP) from either the AAA or the AATA. To obtain an IDP from AAA, do the following: Complete the AAA IDP application.

How can I get my Driver’s License translated into another country?

Please be advised that International Driving Permits issued by governmental agencies or private organizations designated by a country’s government are the only official translations of a person’s driver’s license and could be issue in the country of native driver’s license.