What is DPD predict?

What is DPD predict?

Predict – stay fully informed of where and when the parcel will be delivered. This service offers your customer full control of their parcel. We will inform your customer in advance when and at what time the parcel will be delivered.

How does DPD deliver?

DPD is the most innovative parcel carrier around. Thanks to our industry-leading Predict service, we provide parcel recipients with a one hour delivery window, notified by SMS and email, so they don’t have to wait in all day.

What is DPD upgrade delivery?

DPD’s unique Predict service notifies recipients of a one hour delivery slot via text or email and then allows them to watch the progress of their DPD driver on his round, with a real-time countdown to their own delivery and an accurate 15 minute delivery slot, so that they know exactly when to expect their parcel.

What is deposit okay in DPD?

With the deposit okay you give us your permission to place your parcel in a safe place in your home, e.g. in the garden shed, in the garage, on the terrace or in the porch. This means that you can receive parcels at any time, even when you are not at home.

Does DPD always text before delivery?

DPD will send delivery updates by text. You’ll get a text: the day before the delivery, including tracking information and an the option to rearrange. on the morning of the delivery – you’ll get a one-hour scheduled delivery time (e.g. between 12.24 and 13.24) and the name of the DPD driver.

What happens if I don’t pay customs DPD?

The Seller may collect the VAT and Duty from you prior to dispatch of goods. If they do not, then DPD will declare goods on your behalf and will collect duties and taxes from you in advance of delivery.

Is DPD better than Royal Mail?

DPD. Unlike both Royal Mail and Hermes, DPD is often a better fit for businesses shipping higher value and/or larger parcels/consignments. DPD pride themselves on their time-critical service, so it may be an ideal option if you are offering your customers a range of delivery options and specific time slots.

Is DPD part of Royal Mail?

DPD are one of Europe’s leading parcel groups and are wholly owned by France’s La Poste, the second largest postal group in Europe. They are the UK’s favourite parcel delivery company – providing innovative, high quality and tine sensitive solutions.

How many deliveries do DPD do a day?

You will receive between 120 – 160 stops per day. The more completed stops the money you earn! Our drivers spend much of their working day on their own but are very much part of our team. Being a delivery driver is a physical role and you could be carrying parcels weighing between 1KG and 25KG.

Do DPD drivers pay for lost parcels?

You will also pay for any lost parcels or claims made! Any van damage or fines or tickets again comes out of your wages!

Are DPD ever early?

DPD delivery before 10:30AM is also available if you need your parcel arriving at an earlier time. This is a quicker timed delivery service so if you’ve got any important parcels that you need to send urgently then DPD will ensure that the delivery standards are met.

Does DPD have live tracking?

You can check on the shipping status of your parcel by simply entering the parcel label number or reference number. Track your parcel live and see when we’ll be ringing your doorbell. Right down to the last 30 minutes! In addition, myDPD or our app enable you to redirect parcels and register your delivery preferences.

How can DPD help you?

Know the exact hour we are coming. With DPD you enjoy the support of an efficient business partner. No matter whether you are just launching your own online shop or manage a large company – with us you can send any quantity of parcels, mail and special product formats reliably, fast and at highly favourable prices.

Who decides when the parcel is delivered with DPD?

Predict by DPD. Delivering when it’s convenient. As the shipper you can increase the satisfaction of your customers by offering them a unique service: you can put your consignees in charge of the delivery. That’s because with Predict it’s the consignee who decides when the parcel is delivered.

What is DPDgroup doing for sustainability?

Inspired and guided by the three pillars of our Sustainability approach – ‘People, Planet and Communities’ – DPDgroup is working harder than ever to create a social and environmental legacy that our children can be proud of. If you want to know more about DPDgroup’s CSR activities, download our 2020 CSR report.

Which countries are available for home delivery of DPD parcels?

Proactive communication about the home delivery of DPD parcels with a time slot is available in the following European countries: Belgium, Germany, Estonia, France, Hungary, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Switzerland