What is EPC limit?

What is EPC limit?

The bank decides the duration of packing credit depending upon the time required by the exporter for processing of goods. The maximum duration of packing credit period is 180 days, however bank may provide a further 90 days extension on its own discretion, without referring to RBI.

What is Pscfc?

Post Shipment Credit denominated in Foreign Currency (PSCFC) Under the Post Shipment Credit denominated in Foreign Currency (PSCFC) for the export bill purchased / negotiated, the liability of the exporter to the bank would be designated in Foreign Currency (FC).

What is Pcfc in export?

Pre-shipment Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC)

What is pre-shipment financing?

‘Pre-shipment / Packing Credit’ means any loan or advance granted or any other credit provided by a bank to an exporter for financing the purchase, processing, manufacturing or packing of goods prior to shipment / working capital expenses towards rendering of services on the basis of letter of credit opened in his …

What is FBP and FBD?

* PC- Packing Credit, PCFC- Packing Credit in Foreign Currency, EPC- Export Packing Credit, FBP – Foreign Bills Purchased, FDBP- Foreign Discounting Bills Purchased, FBE- Foreign Bills Export, PCL – Packing Credit Loan, FBN- Foreign Bills Negotiated, FBD- Foreign Bills Discounted, FDBD- Foreign.

What is EPC FBD?

Foreign Bill Discounting (FBD): This facility is given to exporters post shipment of goods. This facility converts pre shipment credits EPC or PCFC into FBD. The rate of interest charged is same as Pre shipment credits.

What is EEFC account?

Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency Account (EEFC) is an account maintained in foreign currency with an Authorised Dealer Category – I bank i.e. a bank authorized to deal in foreign exchange.

What is EPC loan?

The buyer receives the order and makes the full payment in Euro. Once you receive the payment, you convert it into INR and pay back the amount to the bank along with interest. This is known as an Export Packing Credit (EPC). In EPC, the bank lends the exporter in the form of the local currency.

What is PC and Pcfc?

When an advance or a loan is granted, or another form of credit, is provided by a bank to an exporter for the purpose of financing the purchase, processing, manufacturing or packaging of goods before a shipment is called a pre-shipment credit.

How is Pcfc limit calculated?

The credit limit of PCFC will be sanctioned in both INR and Foreign Currency on the basis of assessment that will be done in INR based on working capital cycle including at pre shipment and post shipment as per the existing methods however, the foreign currency part of it will be work out on the basis of latest …

What is the maximum period of pre shipment advance?

Accordingly, the interest rate upto 180 days from the date of advance will be the rate applicable for usance bills for period upto 180 days….Master Circular – Rupee / Foreign Currency Export Credit and Customer Service To Exporters.

Sr.No. Particulars
1 Pre-shipment Rupee Export Credit

What is FBE in pharma?

Fluid or Fluidised bed dryer is a kind of equipment used extensively in the pharmaceutical industries to reduce the moisture content in raw ingredients like powder and granules. The working principle of this equipment includes fluidization of the fed materials.