What is Illam in sociology?

What is Illam in sociology?

Illam is a Malayalee lineage system used for classification and identification of castes in Kerala, South India. There are mainly two castes which used Illam as their house. They are Thiyya and Namboothiris.

How many Manas are there in Kerala?

Perunjalloor in Thaliparambu was a village that housed over 3000 manas- the largest Namboothiri village. But today there are only 42 of them, that too struggling to regain their past glory.

What is Illom in sociology?

Nambudri Brahmins lived in patrilineage families which were called Illom. Nambudris were landowners. Land was considered indivisible, and indivisibility was ensured by the rule of primogeniture. The Nambudri Illom consisted of a man, his wife or wives, his children and his younger brothers.

What caste is Nayyar?

Nayar or Nayyar is a surname that is found among Khatri community which are majorly Hindus with a minority of Sikhs and Muslims. The belong to the “Sareen” division among the Khatris.

Are there Brahmins in Kerala?

Kerala Iyers, Pattars or Bhattars, are Tamil Brahmins of the Indian state of Kerala — people who were residents in the Kerala region, and also people who migrated from present day Tamil Nadu in different waves from the time of the Chera dynasty.

Which is the oldest house in Kerala?

Varikkasseri Mana (Malayalam: വരിക്കാശേരി മന), alternatively known as Varikkumanchery Mana, is one of the oldest traditional aristocratic Namboothiri family houses (illam) in Kerala.

What is Tarwad family?

Among the Nayars, the joint family is called ‘Tarwad’. A ‘Tarwad’ comprises of a woman, her sons and daughters, the children of those daughters and so on. The woman is the head of the ‘Tarwad’. The children of her sons do not belong to that ‘Tarwad’.

What is Tarawad family?

Answer: Tarawad – Nair’s Matriarchal, Joint Family: Tarawads were matrilineal institutions. Fathers had no significant properties separate from their own Tarawads to give their children, and fathers held no special claims over their children.

Is Nair low caste?

Yes, Nairs are Kshatriyas, and there is no denying that. Most of them belong to the Nagavanshi clan.

Is Pillai and Nair same?

Pillai can be considered as an honorific surname conferred to some subsects among Nairs, a forward caste. In Kerala, Pillais are a subset of Nairs just like Unnithan, Valiyathan, Kaimal, Thampi, Kartha, Menoki, Menon, Panickar, Kurup, Nambiar etc.

Is Menon a Brahmin?

Menon is an honorific hereditary title that was used as an affix to the name of some members belonging to Kiryathi and Akattu Charna classes. It is considered to be a Kshatriya subdivision of the Nair caste that originated from the south Indian state of Kerala….