What is inaction synonym?

What is inaction synonym?

Synonyms & Antonyms of inaction

  • dormancy,
  • idleness,
  • inactivity,
  • inertness,
  • nonaction,
  • quiescence.

What is another word for not doing something?

Some common synonyms of inactive are idle, inert, passive, and supine. While all these words mean “not engaged in work or activity,” inactive applies to anyone or anything not in action or in operation or at work.

What is the synonym of unwillingness?

Unwillingness synonyms The quality of being averse; opposition. 0. 3. disinclination. A dislike or lack of desire; aversion; reluctance.

What does Inact mean?

To bring into action or a state of activity.

What is an example of inaction?

Inaction can be viewed as a form of passive risk taking. For example, an employee who is complacent in their job such that they don’t learn or change may be taking more of a risk with their career than a peer who is always taking on new responsibilities and stretching into new areas.

What is the meaning of lack of action?

failure to act
Definition of lack of action : failure to act The protesters criticized the administration’s lack of action on many issues.

What is unwilling person?

You can use unwilling to describe someone who does not really want to do the thing they are doing. A youthful teacher, he finds himself an unwilling participant in school politics. She was certainly an unwilling victim of circumstances. Synonyms: reluctant, grudging, unenthusiastic, resistant More Synonyms of unwilling.

What is a synonym for grudgingly?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for grudging. begrudging, envious, resentful.

Is there a word for feeling nothing?

What does apathetic mean? Apathetic means uncaring. It’s an adjective form of apathy—the state of not caring. It can also mean the absence or suppression of emotion or passion.

What do you call a person that doesnt care?

aloof, apathetic, callous, detached, diffident, disinterested, distant, haughty, heartless, impartial, impervious, inattentive, neutral, nonchalant, uncaring, unconcerned, uninvolved, unresponsive, unsympathetic, blasé

What word means not active?

inactive, idle, inert, passive, supine mean not engaged in work or activity. inactive applies to anyone or anything not in action or in operation or at work.

What is the meaning of ‘inaction’?

inaction- the state of being inactive. inactiveness, inactivity. state- the way something is with respect to its main attributes; “the current state of knowledge”; “his state of health”; “in a weak financial state”. abeyance, suspension- temporary cessation or suspension. anergy- inactivity and lack of energy.

What is a synonym for inactive?

The words passive and inactive are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, passive implies immobility or lack of normally expected response to an external force or influence and often suggests deliberate submissiveness or self-control.

Is inaction the same as action?

action is the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. Inaction is the lack of action where some is expected or appropriate. So, unless you are deliberately not taking action to achieve something, inaction is not same as action. Only if it leads to the same consequences.

How to use inaction in a sentence?

The West’s inaction has put millions of people at risk of starvation.

  • He is bitter about the inaction of the other political parties.
  • This announcement follows months of inaction and delay.
  • The police were accused of inaction in the face of a possible attack.