What is Riverbed WAN accelerator?

What is Riverbed WAN accelerator?

Formerly Known As: Steelhead Riverbed WAN Optimization solutions helps customers to scale their existing bandwidth and realize more performance and control. They can enjoy up to 20X more effective capacity and accelerate enterprise applications up to 50X.

What is a riverbed network device?

Riverbed Network and Application Performance Platform Riverbed solutions enable organizations to visualize, optimize, remediate and accelerate the performance of any network for any application, while supporting business objectives to mitigate cyber security risk and enhance the digital experience for all end-users.

What happened to Riverbed Technology?

On December 15, 2014, Riverbed announced it would be acquired by private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo, LLC and Teachers’ Private Capital, the private investor department of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. The value was estimated at approximately $3.6 billion, and closed in April 2015.

What is WAN acceleration client?

The WAN Acceleration service allows you to accelerate WAN traffic between a central site and a branch site by using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and Windows File Sharing (WFS). The Dell SonicWALL WXA series appliance is deployed in conjunction with a Dell SonicWALL NSA series appliance.

What is WAN accelerator Veeam?

WAN acceleration is a Veeam technology that optimizes data transfer to remote locations. It is specific for off-site backup copy jobs and replication jobs. Off-site backup copy and replication always involve moving large volumes of data between remote sites.

Why is Riverbed used?

Riverbed empowers every click, every digital experience. Alluvio captures full-fidelity data and visibility on every transaction across the digital ecosystem, provides actionable insights and intelligent automation while improving decision-making and digital service quality.

Who are Riverbed competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to Riverbed

  • SolarWinds.
  • Cisco.
  • Dynatrace.
  • Broadcom.
  • Splunk.
  • ExtraHop.
  • ManageEngine.

How does WAN acceleration work?

What Does WAN Acceleration Do? WAN acceleration remediates network congestion and latency by implementing bandwidth preservation techniques such as compression, caching, data deduplication, and image optimization.

How does a network accelerator work?

Network acceleration is a set of techniques used to increase the speed of information flow between the end users for imparting better network experience. It is also known as WAN optimization or WAN acceleration.

What is WAN optimization technology?

WAN optimization — also known as WAN acceleration — is a collection of technologies and techniques used to improve the efficiency of data transfer across a wide area network (WAN) between organizations’ centralized data centers and their remote locations.

How do I install Veeam WAN accelerator?

Install WAN Accelerator on source server Connect to the main Veeam Backup & Replication server, go to the BACKUP INFRASTRUCTURE, select WAN Accelerators, and then Add WAN Accelerator (you’ll notice on the right side that we see the WAN accelerator that we added to the previous stage).