What is the difference between Les Sylphides and La Sylphide?

What is the difference between Les Sylphides and La Sylphide?

​Les Sylphides, not to be confused with La Sylphide (a Romantic two-act ballet choreographed by August Bournonville in 1836) is considered the first plotless, or abstract, ballet.

What is the significance of the ballet La Sylphide?

Sylph is a mythological creature or spirit. The ballet tells the story of an impossible love between a human and a spirit, and man’s inherent temptation for the unknown and sometimes dangerous life. La Sylphide remains a captivating, fascinating ballet that appeals to both audiences and dancers.

What style of ballet is La Sylphide?

romantic ballet
La Sylphide (English: The Sylph; Danish: Sylfiden) is a romantic ballet in two acts. There were two versions of the ballet; the original choreographed by Filippo Taglioni in 1832, and a second version choreographed by August Bournonville in 1836.

Who first performed La Sylphide?

Marie Taglioni
It was first performed by Marie Taglioni as La Sylphide and Mazilier as James, the 2 main characters.

How long is La Sylphide ballet?

approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
A work of ethereal beauty, La Sylphide is an enrapturing tragic love story that will pull at the heartstrings and dazzle with its technical fireworks. Runtime is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, including a 20 minute intermission.

What was the Romantic ballet La Sylphide inspired on?

It was the first fully fledged Romantic ballet. Based on Charles Nodier’s Trilby, ou le Lutin d’Argail (1822), its plot and atmosphere were also inspired by the supernatural ‘Ballet of the Nuns’ which had appeared in Meyerbeer’s opera Robert le diable (1831).

What are the origins of La Sylphide?

One of the world’s oldest existing romantic ballets, La Sylphide originally premiered on March 12, 1832 in Paris, with now lost choreography by Filippo Taglioni. A success, the ballet was re-choreographed in 1836 by the Danish ballet master August Bournonville.

What is the story of Les Sylphides?

Synopsis. The story of La Sylphide concerns a young Scotsman, James, who is about to be married to Effie. The morning of the wedding day, James is dozing in a chair by the fire when a Sylphide appears beside him and wakens him with an airy kiss. She dances for him before she vanishes up the chimney.

Who created Les Sylphides?

Les Sylphides
Design Alexandre Benois (set) Léon Bakst (costumes)
Created for Tamara Karsavina, Vaslav Nijinsky, Anna Pavlova, and Alexandra Baldina
Genre Ballet blanc
Type Romantic reverie

Which French King made ballet extremely popular during his reign?

The official terminology and vocabulary of ballet was gradually codified in French over the next 100 years, and during the reign of Louis XIV, the king himself performed many of the popular dances of the time.