What is the economic sector of Daar Communication Plc?

What is the economic sector of Daar Communication Plc?

Company Profile Daar Communications Plc is a broadcasting company in Nigeria that develops, produces and markets television and radio entertainment and news programmes for markets in Africa and the United Kingdom.

What is the date of enlistment of Daar Communications Plc?

DAAR Communications was incorporated in Nigeria in August 1988. It boasts of a successful background in the closely related fields of printing and publishing.

Who owns Daar Communication?

Raymond Dokpesi
DAAR Communications plc is an independent privately owned broadcasting organization in Nigeria. It was established on August 31, 1998, by Raymond Dokpesi and on April 23, 2007, it was converted into a public liability company.

Who is the owner of AIT station?

Africa Independent Television, also known by its acronym AIT, is a privately owned television broadcaster in Nigeria….Africa Independent Television.

Type Private company
Founded 1996 by Raymond Dokpesi
Area Nigeria
Owner Daar Communications PLC.
Key people Dr. Raymond Dokpesi

Is ait a private company?

AIT is a privately-owned company and is the longest standing web hosting company in the industry.

Who is the current Chairman of Daar Communication?

Chief Raymond Dokpesi
He entered the Nigerian mass media industry with his company DAAR Communications and set-up the Nigerian TV network Africa Independent Television (AIT) He was the organising committee chairman of the People’s Democratic Party national conference in 2015….Raymond Dokpesi.

Chief Raymond Dokpesi
Website raymonddokpesi.com

Who is doyin dokpesi?

Doyin (Karunwi) Dokpesi, wife of the new chairman of the Daar Communications, Raymond Dokpesi Jnr turned 30 recently and marked in grand style in Abuja. All through the ceremony, Doyin and Raymond who tied the wedding knot on the 18th of July 2009, couldn’t stop clinging to each other. Love so pure.

Who is the owner of TVC station in Nigeria?

TVC News is a Nigerian news 24 hour television news channel based in Lagos….TVC News.

Country Nigeria
Broadcast area United Kingdom
Key people Andrew Hanlon(CEO) Lemi Olalemi (Deputy CEO) Babajide Otitoju (Head of TVC News, current affairs and programmes)

Who is the CEO of AIT?

Vaughn Moore
Vaughn Moore is Executive Chairman and CEO of AIT Worldwide Logistics. He became an owner of AIT in 2012 after leading his team in executing a friendly leveraged buyout of the company.

Who owns NTA?

Government of Nigeria
Nigerian Television Authority

Type Broadcast network
Broadcast area Nationwide
Nation Nigeria
Owner Government of Nigeria
Established 1977 (following on from the Western Nigerian Government Broadcasting Corporation (WNTV), est. 1959)

Where is Raymond dokpesi from?

Ibadan, NigeriaRaymond Dokpesi / Place of birth

Whats the full meaning of TVC?

TVC, trade jargon for television commercial.