What is the name of the airports in UK?

What is the name of the airports in UK?

Airports List United Kingdom – United Kingdom Airport Codes (IATA / ICAO)

# Airport Name & City IATA
7 Liverpool John Lennon Airport Liverpool LPL
8 London City Airport London LCY
9 London Gatwick Airport London LGW
10 London Heathrow Airport London LHR

How many international airports are in the UK?

Planning to travel to the United Kingdom by plane? There are over 40 airports around the UK, some of which top the list of the busiest airports in Europe. The map below shows a list of all major UK domestic and international airports.

Which airline has code UK?


Legal Name Tata SIA Airlines Ltd.
Airline Code 228
IATA Designator UK
Region Asia Pacific

What is the smallest airport in the UK?

5 Of UK’s Smallest And Largest Airports

  • Durham Tees Valley Airport. Located way up North near Darlington, the biggest city in County Durham, this used to be an RAF field.
  • Stornoway Airport.
  • St Mary’s Airport, Isles of Scilly.
  • Alderney airport.
  • Land’s End Airport.
  • London Luton.
  • London Stansted Airport.
  • Manchester Airport.

What does the Y stand for in airport codes?

Rather than each Canadian airport completely renaming their codes to match the name of the airport or city they served, they simply added a ‘Y’ to the front of each 2 letter code, with the Y indicating that each airport was Canadian.

Where can I find airline codes?

IATA Airline codes

IATA code – MAWB IATA code IATA airlines
IATA – 006 IATA – DL Delta Air Lines
IATA – 012 IATA – NW Northwest Airlines (alternate site)
IATA – 014 IATA – AC Air Canada
IATA – 016 IATA – UA United Airlines Cargo

What are the United States airport codes?

– Commercial Service Airports. The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) designates publicly owned airports having more than twenty five hundred (2500) passenger boardings per year as Commercial Service Airports . – Cargo Service Airports. – Reliever Airports. – General Aviation Airports. – Airport Code Tables. – ICAO Codes.

What is the airport code for England?

The airport code for Birmingham International Airport, which is located in Birmingham, England, is BHX. There are many reasons why you may want to know the airport code for Birmingham, England. Perhaps you want to confirm that your boarding pass is correct, confirm that your luggage is tagged correctly to Birmingham, England, or want to make it

What are the major airports in the UK?

Durham Tees Valley Airport. Located way up North near Darlington,the biggest city in County Durham,this used to be an RAF field.…

  • Stornoway Airport. Do you know what’s cooler than north England?…
  • St Mary’s Airport,Isles of Scilly.…
  • Alderney airport.…
  • Land’s End Airport.…
  • London Luton.…
  • London Stansted Airport.…
  • Manchester Airport.
  • What is the three letter airport code?

    AMS: Amsterdam

  • ATH: Athens
  • BKK: Bangkok
  • CDG: Paris Charles de Gaulle
  • DEL: Delhi
  • DUB: Dublin
  • DXB: Dubai
  • EZE: Buenos Aires
  • FCO: Rome
  • HKG: Hong Kong