What is the purpose of a Lokai bracelet?

What is the purpose of a Lokai bracelet?

Wearing a Lokai bracelet is a reminder and recognition that life is a cycle of highs and lows, and it symbolizes living a balanced life. The highest moments of life, joy, gratitude, and happiness are represented by water from the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest.

Do Lokai bracelets actually have water from Mount Everest?

While the Lokai bracelets are sentimental and trendy, having no water from Mount Everest may or may not depreciate it’s value and retail.

Are Lokai bracelets spiritual?

Beads are exotic and hark back to ancient cultures. And they have a touch of spirituality. Lokai bracelets, which have a cult following, have water from Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. Their message is to retain a balance between life’s highs and lows.

What does Lokai mean in Hawaiian?

The word Lokai is derived from the Hawaiian term Lōkahi, which translates to harmony, unity, and the blending of opposites.

Are Lokai bracelets easy to break?

They will break rlly easily if they are too big for you. I got the water lokai in medium, and it broke within a month. They break easily if you like to play with it a lot but it should be fine if you don’t .

What happens when a Lokai bracelet breaks?

Every Lokai bracelet comes with a one-time replacement warranty. If your bracelet breaks and it was purchased from Lokai.com, please contact us with your order number, which bracelet broke, and your shipping address.

How do you say lokia?


  1. (UK) IPA: /ˈlɒ.kɪ.ə/
  2. (General American) IPA: /ˈloʊ.ki.ə/ enPR: lō’kē-ə, enPR: lŏk’ē-ə

Are Lokai bracelets waterproof?

@kendi_kenn yes lokai’s are 100% waterproof! People have even worn them during Tough Mudders!

What do the different colors of Lokai bracelets mean?

The beads on the bracelet symbolize two ideas. The black bead symbolizes staying hopeful when you’ve hit a low point. If you ever have a dull or unhappy moment in your life, make sure to be positive and believe something great can happen. The white bead symbolizes staying humble even when you are on top of the world.