What is the top rated show on History Channel?

What is the top rated show on History Channel?

With History Channel (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

  1. Vikings (2013–2020) TV-MA | 44 min | Action, Adventure, Drama.
  2. Hacksaw Ridge (2016) R | 139 min | Biography, Drama, History.
  3. National Treasure (2004)
  4. Jesus of Nazareth (1977)
  5. The Curse of Oak Island (2014– )
  6. War & Peace (2016)
  7. Knightfall (2017–2019)
  8. Sideways (2004)

Where are the best HISTORY documentaries?

The 20 Best History Documentaries

  • 1. ‘ Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution’ (2020) Netflix.
  • 2. ‘ Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation’ (2019) Netflix.
  • 3. ‘ Jackie Robinson’ (2016) PBS.
  • 4. ‘ Apollo 11’ (2019) Hulu.
  • 5. ‘ Medal of Honor’ (2018) Netflix.
  • 6. ‘
  • ‘The Roosevelts: An Intimate History’ (2014) PBS.
  • 8. ‘

Is there a History Channel on Netflix?

Almost every show on the History channel is available on Netflix. Start watching Ancient Aliens online, stream Pawn Stars and check out “The Bible” if you feel so inclined.

How popular is the History Channel?

As of February 2015, around 96,149,000 American households (82.6% of households with television) receive the network’s flagship channel, History.

Are there any good history documentaries on Netflix?

The 20 Best Historical Documentaries on Netflix

  • Chasing Trane. Year: 2016.
  • Wormwood. Year: 2017.
  • Five Came Back. Year: 2017.
  • She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry. Year: 2014.
  • The Battered Bastards of Baseball. Year: 2013.
  • Mercury 13. Year: 2018.
  • Fire in the Blood. Year: 2012.
  • The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson. Year: 2017.

Does Peacock Have History Channel?

The library will also include some licensed content from A&E, History, ViacomCBS, Paramount Network and Warner Bros. The free tier of Peacock will offer more than 13,000 hours of content, including next-week access to current shows.

What is the difference between History Channel and HISTORY Vault?

History Vault is a separate paid service that gives you access to much of the video content you don’t see on the History channel prime-time lineup anymore, including long-form documentaries and docu-series such as America: The Story of Us, Ancient Discoveries, and Mysteries of the Bible.

Is History Channel on peacock?

What’s the difference between History Channel and HISTORY Vault?

Is American Pickers on HISTORY Vault?

Watch American Pickers Full Episodes, Video & More | History Vault.

What are the best historical documentaries?

A Life of Speed: The Juan Manuel Fangio Story

  • BREAK IT ALL: The History of Rock in Latin America
  • I Called Him Morgan
  • Captive
  • What Would Sophia Loren Do?
  • Nail Bomber: Manhunt
  • SanPa: Sins of the Savior
  • Amelia: A Tale of Two Sisters
  • Nisman: The Prosecutor,the President,and the Spy
  • #Rucker50
  • Where can I find the best documentaries?

    Top Documentary Films. Top Documentary Films offers full documentaries and information on documentaries by quoting reviews from trusted sources.

  • Freedocumentaries.org.
  • Documentary Heaven.
  • DocumentaryWIRE.
  • Open Documentaries.
  • Documentary.net.
  • DocumentaryStorm.
  • Documentary24.com.
  • Full Documentaries.
  • Documentary-Log.com.
  • What are the best underground documentaries?

    All Light,Everywhere. In the audacious 2016 debut feature Rat Film,cinematic essayist Theo Anthony explores the racial and economic divides in Baltimore by tracing the history of vermin infestations.

  • Attica.
  • Flee.
  • Operation Varsity Blues/A Cop Movie.
  • Procession.
  • Summer of Soul.
  • The Truffle Hunters.
  • Val.
  • The Velvet Underground.
  • The Viewing Booth.
  • Where can I watch the History Channel for free?

    The History Channel on Philo.

  • Watch History on Hulu.
  • History on FuboTV.
  • History on Sling TV.
  • History on Amazon Prime.
  • Purchase History Shows Online.
  • Watch with the History App.