What is the wavelength of argon laser light?

What is the wavelength of argon laser light?

The argon laser contains argon gas and produces a visible blue-green beam with wavelengths of 488 nm and 514 nm, which are absorbed selectively by hemoglobin, melanin, and other pigments that lie under the retina.

What is the frequency of an argon laser?

around 4.0 GHz
The five lines below 260 nm are frequency doubled. The linewidths of the argon ion emission lines at 488.0 and 514.5 nm are around 4.0 GHz….Argon Ion Laser.

Wavelength (nm) Power (mW)
488.0 1800
496.5 720
501.7 480
514.5 2400

What type of laser is the argon ion laser?

ion lasers
Argon ion lasers are ion lasers, which typically generate multiple watts of optical power in a green or blue output beam with high beam quality. They are the most common ion lasers, and can produce the highest output powers of those.

How does argon ion laser work?

How does an argon laser work? The Argon ion Laser is a four-level laser. The various energy level of argon ion is shown in the figure. When electric discharge passes through the tube, the Argon atoms are pumped to energy level E3 by two-step of collision with electrons.

Why is argon laser used?

Argon laser treatment can be used to treat a number of eye conditions including glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and some retinal holes and tears. It can also be used to prevent an eye condition from getting worse, and sometimes to cure it.

Is argon gas an ar2?

It is a noble gas with atomic number 18. It is monoatomic argon which is used in fluorescent tubes. The molecular formula of Argon Gas is Ar. Argon is a colourless and odourless noncombustible gas….Properties Of Argon Gas Formula.

Molecular formula Ar
Melting point −189.34 °C

What is the wavelength of ruby laser?

695 nm
The ruby laser uses a solid medium of a crystal aluminum oxide (i.e., sapphire) containing chromium ions. It emits visible red radiation at a wavelength of 695 nm (see Table 40-1).

How does argon plasma coagulation work?

The probe is placed at a distance and delivers a jet of ionized gas that is directed at the bleeding lesion or tumor. Argon gas is emitted then ionized by an electrical current that results in the coagulation of the lesion or tumor, which stops the bleeding.

What is Ar ions?

Positive argon ions (Ar+) are extracted from the plasma under the action of the electric field and bombard the target, which is at the cathode potential.

What is argon laser Retinopexy?

Argon laser retinopexy is a safe and reliable technique for the treatment of symptomatic flap tears and other retinal breaks that are at a high risk of developing retinal detachment. 14. The necessity of treating predisposing retinal lesions prophylactically has been documented by various authors.

Why argon is not Ar2?

We know that argon is a noble gas. Also, all noble gases are monoatomic gases meaning having only one atom in one molecule. And even these gases have valency as 0. Therefore Argon cannot form Ar2 molecule.

Is argon a dimer?

Diargon or the argon dimer is a molecule containing two argon atoms. Normally, this is only very weakly bound together by van der Waals forces (a van der Waals molecule)….Diargon.

Other names argon dimer
CAS Number 12595-59-4
3D model (JSmol) Interactive image