What was The String Cheese Incident?

What was The String Cheese Incident?

A String Cheese Incident is the second release and first live album of Colorado-based Jam band, The String Cheese Incident. The album chronicles a single concert from the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado on February 27, 1997 and is the first to feature pianist Kyle Hollingsworth as part of the group.

How much is The String Cheese Incident?

The String Cheese Incident Ticket Prices

City Venue Average Ticket Price
New York The Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden $47
Chicago The Chicago Theatre $86
New York The Capitol Theatre $124
Denver Mission Ballroom $70

Is String Cheese Incident good live?

The String Cheese Incident has garnered a reputation as one of today’s best live acts. Live at the Fillmore captures one of the band’s epic home-state performances from start to finish.

Why did string cheese break up?

EOTO, a livetronica duo featuring members of The String Cheese Incident, has broken up. Michael Travis and Jason Hann announced “due to irreconcilable creative differences we will no longer be appearing as EOTO” on the band’s social media pages.

Who died from String Cheese Incident?

Full band statements: facebook.com/stringcheesein… Music manager, agent and entrepreneur Jesse Aratow of Madison House Entertainment died Friday (Oct. 29) after a sudden, unexpected illness.

How long until string cheese goes bad?

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Can dogs eat string cheese?

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Did Eoto breakup?

EOTO – the eccentric, improv-driven side-project of String Cheese Incident percussionists Michael Travis and Jason Hann – have officially disbanded. “We have recently had numerous questions about when we might appear again and we wanted to clear that up,” the band wrote via Facebook on July 22.

Why did Eoto break up?

Michael Travis, Jason Hann To No Longer Appear As EOTO Due To “Irreconcilable Creative Differences” Improvisational electronic duo EOTO has reportedly dissolved due to “irreconcilable creative differences,” according to a post on the group’s Facebook page.

Where did String Cheese Incident start?

Crested Butte, COThe String Cheese Incident / Origin

When did Jason join String Cheese?

When Jason Hann joined Michael Travis in the rhythm section of the String Cheese Incident in 2004, he was no stranger to the big stage. Performing professionally since the age of 12, he has toured and recorded internationally with the likes of Isaac Hayes, Loreena McKinnett, Dr Dre, Rickie Lee Jones and Vinx.