What year was the Nikon Coolpix P510 made?

What year was the Nikon Coolpix P510 made?

The Nikon Coolpix P510 is an ultrazoom bridge camera announced by Nikon on February 1, 2012.

How much does a Nikon Coolpix P510 cost?

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This item Nikon COOLPIX P510 16.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 42x Zoom NIKKOR ED Glass Lens and GPS Record Location (Black) (OLD MODEL)
Customer Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars (905)
Price $18999
Sold By The Red Cup
Screen Size 3 inches

Is Coolpix P510 a DSLR?

The Nikon Coolpix P510 has a DSLR feel, is featured packed and takes great pictures.

What type of camera is a Nikon P510?

compact camera
The 16 megapixel Nikon Coolpix P510 is a compact camera in the superzoom class, that sports a 42X optical zoom, covering a currently unmatched focal range of 24-1000mm (equivalent), compared to 38X (23-810mm) from its predecessor the P500.

Does Nikon Coolpix P510 have WiFi?

The Nikon P510 does not have Bluetooth or WiFi built into it. I wish it did, but it doesn’t. However, you can use an Eyefi SD card in this camera if you would like. That will give you the option of transferring your pictures directly to your computer over your home WiFi network.

Does the Nikon Coolpix P510 have WiFi?

How do I view pictures on my Nikon Coolpix?

Press and hold a thumbnail or tap and choose Select to view the image-selection display. Tap pictures to select them for download; selected pictures are indicated by a icon. By default, the app lists all the pictures on the camera.

How do you charge a Nikon Coolpix p510?

The power to charge the battery is supplied from a PC via USB lead or from a battery charger. When the battery is inserted in the camera and is being charged, check the small green charge lamp on the camera (indicated with a charge/flash symbol).

How do you know when the Nikon Coolpix is fully charged?

Charging starts when the camera is connected to an electrical outlet while the battery is inserted, as shown in the illustration. The power-on lamp slowly flashes green while the battery is charging. When charging is complete, the power-on lamp turns off.

Does Nikon P510 have Bluetooth?

The Nikon P510 does not have Bluetooth or WiFi built into it.