Where do athletic directors make the most money?

Where do athletic directors make the most money?

The 20 Highest-Paid Athletic Directors in College Sports

  • Jack Swarbrick – Notre Dame, $1.02 million.
  • Joe Castiglione – Oklahoma, $1 million.
  • Kevin White – Duke, $906,536.
  • Jeff Long – Arkansas, $903,900.
  • Jamie Pollard – Iowa State, $900,000.
  • Dave Hart Jr. –
  • Eric Hyman – Texas A&M, $800,000.
  • Joe Alleva – LSU, $725,000.

What is the average age of an athletic director?

The average age of an FBS athletic director is 54 years old. Not surprisingly, Group of Five athletic directors are a bit younger, on average (51) than their Autonomy 5 counterparts (56). Similarly, Group of Five athletic directors get hired at a younger age (46), on average, than their Autonomy 5 counterparts (50).

Is it hard being an athletic director?

High school athletic directors have their hands full with hiring coaches, scheduling, budget preparation, promotion, compliance and facility management. The job is never easy and it takes focus and consistent hard work to be successful.

How much does the University of Michigan athletic director make?

$1.1 million
Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel’s five-year contract extension, with a base salary of $1.1 million, has been approved by the UM Board of Regents.

How much do Ivy League athletic directors make?

A Harvard Magazine article titled “The Professionalization of Ivy League Sports” indicates that athletic directors’ salaries at American schools (including Ivy League) average $158,000 per year.

Do coaches make more than athletic directors?

Athletics directors enjoy a relatively higher percentage of guaranteed annual compensation compared to football and men’s basketball head coaches.

What degree do most athletic directors have?

Athletic directors are required to earn a bachelor’s degree in a field related to sports management, exercise sciences, or physical education.

What is the employment outlook of an athletic director?

The BLS also provides projections regarding possible job growth. Between 2014 and 2024, the Bureau estimates that jobs for athletic directors will grow by 6%-9%. That is near the average growth rate for most careers, so opportunities should exist for those who are willing to work hard and stand out.

What do athletic directors wear?

Normal Business Attire. Suit, skirt, jacket, dress, blouse, nice slacks are always appropriate and considered to be the normal work attire. They are required when representing the organization at any public function or meeting with parents, vendors, corporate partners, etc.

How much does U of M hockey coach make?

Ice hockey: Mel Pearson The fourth-year Michigan head coach received a base salary of $315,000 in 2020. He signed a five-year deal in April 2017 with an annual base salary of $350,000.

How much does the Clemson athletic director make?

“… Clemson athletics is a big-time job and Graham Neff is well equipped to lead our program.” Neff’s contract runs through June 2027 with a starting salary of $850,000 and a $30,000 signing bonus.