Where is Anglia news filmed?

Where is Anglia news filmed?

The station is based at Anglia House in Norwich, with regional news bureaux in Cambridge and Northampton. ITV Anglia is owned and operated by ITV plc under the licence name of ITV Broadcasting Limited.

Has Jonathan left Anglia news?

As of 12 February 2009, he was the main presenter of the merged East and West editions of ITV News Anglia, alongside Becky Jago for almost 14 years. His last programme was May 28, 2021. He has now joined ITV Channel to present ITV News Channel TV alongside Jess Dunsdon.

Who is the new presenter on Anglia news?

DAVID WHITELEY David joined ITV News Anglia in June 2021 to present alongside Becky Jago. David has been presenting television and radio since 1995, starting out in commercial radio at 18 years old in Southend-on-Sea.

Is Becky a Jago?

Rebecca Joanne Jago (née Gunton; born 20 April 1976 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk) is an English television news presenter, currently employed by ITV Anglia….

Becky Jago
Years active 1997–present
Employer ITV ITV Anglia
Known for TV weather/news presenter
Height 5’7″

What’s happened to David Whiteley?

His last show was broadcast on 18th October 2020. He has now left the BBC. In December 2017, a Star Wars documentary called ‘The Galaxy Britain Built’, fronted by Whiteley, aired on BBC network television.

Where is the Anglia TV knight?

The Anglia knight is on display at the ITV Anglia office reception in Norwich.

What has happened to David Whiteley?

Where are Jonathan Wills and Becky Jago?

Much-loved local TV duo Becky and Jonathan will now split as Wills moves to Jersey to present ITV News Channel from the late spring. Taking his place in the Anglia region, ex-BBC presenter David Whiteley says he is “absolutely thrilled” to be joining the ITV News Anglia team.

Who is Alex Dunlop married to?

Susie Fowler-Watt
Alex has worked for the BBC since he was 25 and is married to Susie Fowler-Watt, a BBC Look East presenter. They live in Norfolk with their daughter and a small menagerie of pets!

Where is Amelia Reynolds now?

I then went onto work as a presenter for several cable television companies before joining the BBC in 2001. I currently present the news for BBC Look East. I also front BBC East’s political programme Sunday Politics East.

Who is Becky Jago’s husband?

Pablo DimoglouBecky Jago / Husband (m. 2004)

How old is Becky Jago from Anglia news?

46 years (April 20, 1976)Becky Jago / Age